Trump: Putin’s Apprentice

I was not a fan of Hilary Clinton for many reasons. I probably wouldve voted green in 2016 if I was a US citizen. I was one of those people who were hesitant to jump on the whole russiagate bandwagon. I have since become more open to the idea that Trump conspired with Russia to win the 2016 election. I remember when Trump ‘won’, he of course never won the popular vote n is therefore not a legitimate president, RT crosstalk host n guests were clearly very very pleased. Now obviously, left and right, many people wanted Hilary to lose. But elements within Russia n other countries like Israel clearly interfered in the election to support a Trump victory. They were probably surprised at how well their conspiracy worked.


There are other forces to keep in mind. According to sources, Trump is backed by Jesuits. The negative faction of the Society of Jesus has been engaged in mind control and mass propaganda since the Inquisition. Thru their agents like Erik Prince, merchant of death, they have leverage over Trump. Jesuits have a history of supporting fascists in Europe. They have a prominent role in colonialism. Their old money forms part of the basis of global capitalism. The Rothschilds, their banksters, work thru wall street n the fed to also exert pressure on the Trump white house. According to sources, the Jesuits want to bury the Rockefeller faction (Bush, Kissinger, Cheney n co). Rothschilds/Jesuits also work thru Christian Zionism and Israeli lobby to get Trump to attack Iran and support Israeli apartheid.

Star-struck Trump promises peace push after meeting Pope ...

We have in Trump a useful idiot that positive and negative forces can use. Some in alternative media believe that Putin is largely a force for good in geopolitics. Putin is part of the Eastern Alliance with China, the BRICS, and a global Earth Alliance to defeat the fascists, predominantly, in the Western deep state. This Alliance is supposedly working thru Trump admin for full disclosure, arrest of fascists, end of elite pedophile networks and the release of suppressed advance technology like anti-gravity propulsion and free energy. Trump so far has done very little of those things, at least not publicly. Its true theres been some ufo disclosure as well as an increase in media coverage of conspiracy theories.

In Recent Bilateral Talks, Russia Rediscovers China

Trump’s presidency, so far, has been a headache. Not normal. Hes obviously racist, white supremacist, ignorant, child-like and misogynist. It was a big risk for the so called Alliance that may have helped him get elected. Perhaps Putin and others felt that what America needed was a populist candidate, from the left or right, to defeat the extreme centre. The alliance apparently supported Bernie. When it was clear Clinton had won the nomination, the alliance supported Trump. Clinton was definitely the preferred candidate of the more established ruling class in the US. She was backed by Wall Street, much of the deep state and Old money interests like the Rockefellers. Trump was supported by some sections of capital like oil and war, but was not favoured because of his overtly fascist and racist style.

The Powers that were like corporate liberals like Clinton, Trudeau and Obama because their able to get the job done while presenting a progressive, liberal image. They make for good public relations. They share many of Trumps views but they are not ignorant enough to expose these so publicly. Trump was not suppose to win. But he did…only because of the electoral college, needs to be done away with BTW. He might have gotten some help from an alliance of different interests that wanted to defeat Hilary at all cost. Now the deep state is out to get Trump on possible conspiracy with Russia. Funny how they never mention clear conspiracy with Israel? Lets see what comes out of the Mueller investigation. Things are definitely heating up.

What clear to me is Trump will most likely be removed from office one way or another. Too many bridges have been burnt. I do hope hes able to work with congress and the people to invest in infrastructure. That would help boost the economy to create a real recovery for the people. We definitely need to do more to protect the integrity of our elections. We need to protect American sovereignty. I am for constructive relations with Russia and the Eastern Alliance. We need to forge a positive understanding founded on the respect of national sovereignty. Working thru the UN, we can work on global issues together and leave behind old cold war attitudes. Canada can work with the US and the rest of the Americas to build a stronger region together that can bargain better in this Multipolar moment.

The United States and Canada: The Strength of Partnership ...


The United Nations and the Galactic Federation

The time is now to democratize the UN and build a global community governed thru consensus based decision making. Together, we can heal ourselves and this world. The UN was founded after WW2 to promote peace and security. While the body has endured challenges, it remains one of the most democratic global bodies providing a space for exchange, education, collaboration and political integration. In the 21st century, the UN needs to focus on peace, development and engaging in public interest diplomacy with extraterrestrial civilizations. Thru galactic diplomacy, we can integrate with Universe society and gain much needed interdimentional assistance in overcoming the different challenges we face.


Im seeing more and more signs of a growing Eastern Alliance and Earth Alliance for peace and development. It seems more of public discourse is focused on global cooperation to resolve problems like terrorism, poverty and war. The UN is needed more then ever to deal with these questions. Canada also sees the need for international diplomacy. The Trudeau Liberal gvt has been quite active on the North Korea file. Hopefully, this will lead to a more constructive role then regime change. Before reconnecting with positive ET races, we need to reconnect with ourselves. That requires developing an inner connection to Source which allows inspiration and spiritual guidance to flow into the physical. This free energy can be used for problem solving. We are One. I am for democratic world federalism and a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly to strengthen the Earth Alliance for global upliftment.


Once we unite, and this is already happening, we are that much closer to First Contact with the Galactic Federation aka Confederation. This positive ET alliance in our cosmic neighborhood, is eager to make contact with a new, fully conscious, Guardian of Gaia. Prime Creator is flowing thru the Federation to assist Earth in her planetary liberation from the luciferian anti-life forces. The Earth Quarantine, administered by a negative faction among Jesuits, was designed to keep Earth away from benevolent ET races.


This Cabal of course is itself of extraterrestrial origin, as ive previously mentioned. They want us in touch with their parasitic ETs, not the life giving, loving ETs. Their not stupid. They know the Federation does not allow this negative behavior under its jurisdiction. In fact, under galactic law, the Federation claims the right to intervene in order to implement this spiritual code. This msg, this movement, is part of the enforcement of natural law. Humans want change. the Wall must come down. We have a right to participate in Universe society.

The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs UNOOSA is ideal for helping to prepare for First Contact with representatives of the Galactic Federation. This would involve the UN secretary general as well as representatives of all the nations. Such a cosmic event must be well planned, with good intentions. We will need to demonstrate a commitment to the peaceful use of space. This historic event will be both physical and spiritual. Indeed, thru our IAM presence, we are already in communion with positive ET and extradimentional highly evolved beings. Lets prepare for official First Contact, and build a long lasting relationship between the UN and the Galactic Federation. “Houston, we have a solution!” 🙂

Amahoto (pce)

A New Space Age

Victory is NOW


It appears, though, that the real reason for another manifestation of USA discontent with Pakistan is of a much more serious nature. It is likely that it was the response to an extremely significant event, which took place on December 26 in Beijing, where the “First Dialogue of Foreign Ministers of the PRC, Pakistan, and Afghanistan” was held. In the joint press release on this occasion a number of points are of significant note, in which:

– representatives of Pakistan and Afghanistan congratulate the Chinese “with the successful conclusion of the 19th Congress of the CPC and fully support the proposed by President Xi Jinping” vision of the future of all mankind;

– readiness to deepen cooperation in a trilateral format is expressed, including cooperation in the framework of the ‘New Silk Road’ project, in the fight against terrorism and security;


– it is stated that the peace process in Afghanistan, “supported at the regional and international levels,” should be conducted with the participation of all parties to the conflict including the Taliban, but it must be ‘headed’ by Afghanistan itself;”

US Hegemony is over. Ive said it before n I will keep saying it until people wake up to it. There is no going back folks. The days of US imperialism are over. Yes, the naked emperor is using terrorism to slow the process.  This journey cannot be stopped. We are moving forward for peace and development. Welcome to our New Multipolar Reality. All peoples. All nations, especially the poor, have a say in decisions. Thats called…democracy 🙂

We have worked so diligently over the years (over lifetimes) to manifest this planetary liberation. I am so grateful to be incarnated here to see it. My very breath and sweat goes to the so called shitholes of the world, places like Congo, Haiti and Afghanistan. I know my father, Emile Niyuhire, is smiling from beyond…

Were making the Last Ones First 😉

God is Great


Liberal Party: Capitalism’s Best Friend

The Liberal party is a party of the elite. Its been said before but it cannot be said enough especially when there is a great deal of confusion among some Canadians about the nature of this government and the current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In 2015, many progressives voted for the Trudeau liberals to get rid of Stephen Harper, the former PM who had fascist tendencies. The Liberals ‘won’ with 39% of the vote. Thats less then 39% of eligible voters if you consider that not everyone came out to vote. Thanks to our undemocratic, broken, First Past the Post system, the liberals won a false majority with less then a majority of the vote. This was celebrated by many Canadians as a move towards a more equal, democratic and sustainable Canada.

Trudeau ran to the left of the New Democratic Party, Canada’s somewhat social democratic party, promising deficit spending and a slight increase in taxes for the rich. It has now become clear that this was a scam. The liberals have broken their promise to respect indigenous rights. They sold arms to Saudi Arabia, a country which sponsors terrorism. They broke their ‘promise’ on electoral reform. Some seem to be shocked by this, while others such as myself were hopeful but not surprised at all. The Liberal Party largely serves the interest of the capitalist class; rich people and corporations both local and global. The party’s history makes this clear. The money trail leads to the same corporate masters of the Conservatives; banks, oil companies, Zionists, etc. Just like the Democratic Party in the United States, the Liberal Party of Canada is capitalism’s best friend.


The history of the Liberal Party of Canada starts with colonialism. Party politics was alien to the Indigenous peoples who were already on Turtle Island aka Canada. European settlers who wanted to reshape colonial relations sought political instruments to do so. These settlers, known as The Reformers, organized in the mid-19th century for responsible government throughout British North America. The reform movement wanted to change the nature of British occupation on Turtle Island; some wanted responsible government while others wanted republicanism. The former seeks a government accountable to the people (at the time they meant white males with property) while leaving the monarchy in place. The latter, republicanism, wanted a more radical rupture with the British Crown similar to the American Revolution. While both movements might be seen as somewhat progressive, wanting more democratic engagement, it was still very much led by white male colonizers with property with some participation from white middle class settlers.

The reform movement was largely a phenomenon of the English colonies of British North America; Upper Canada, Maritime and Newfoundland. Joseph Howe was a prominent reformer from Nova Scotia. He was known as a staunch loyalist to the British Crown and admired her Empire. Another supporter of the British Empire, William Lyon Mackenzie, led the 1837 Upper Canada rebellion for responsible government. While falling short of calling for republicanism, these reformers were inspired by the American Revolution to demand more independent colonies; a form of nationalist constitutional monarchy.

Quotes by William Lyon Mackenzie King @ Like Success

The reform movement would later become the Liberal parties of today. In the 1850s, moderate and right wing reformers joined with Tories to form the Conservative Party. Left wing reformers and members of Clear Grits came together to form the Liberal Party of Canada West under the leadership of George Brown. This party merged with the Parti rouge and maritime liberal parties to become the Liberal Party of Canada we know today. These reformers supported progressive demands like electoral reform and representation by population. They however continued to maintain mainstream prejudices; they advocated for universal suffrage for white males only. George Brown was founder and editor of the Toronto Globe. He was known for his anti-slavery views while also calling for western expansion; displacing indigenous peoples in the West and expanding British colonialism.

This pre-confederation history illustrates that while reformers had some noble progressive demands, like more government accountability and independence from the Crown, they fell short of calling for a radical departure from British imperialism/colonialism, white supremacy and patriarchy. More importantly, just like the American Revolution, the cause of liberals was to gain more freedom for capitalists/property owners, not workers/peasants/nonwhites/noncismales. This history is important to keep in mind as it still influences the Liberal party political philosophy to this day; reforming the system largely for the rich. Sure, there was and is till this day progressive liberal reformers in favor of social spending. They are not in charge of the party. The Liberal Party is tightly controlled from the top; insiders, rich donors, advisors, the PMO, think tanks, secret groups etc. Very similar to the Democratic party, the corporate liberals give some concessions to workers but ALWAYS side with the rich when their interests are fundamentally threatened.

Chretien chose not to scrap oath to Queen at last minute ...

The Liberal Party since then has been an alliance between francophone and anglophone elites who want to expand and industrialize British North America. Just like the American Constitution, the British North America Act of 1867 was largely a tool used by the Canadian ruling class to safeguard their interests. They wanted more independence from Britain, yet wanted to maintain capitalist relations of production which meant an unequal distribution of resources. The party is rooted in liberalism, a political theory which claims to advocate for individual freedom, responsible government, rule of law, equal opportunity, cultural diversity, separation of church and state, bilingualism and multilateralism. While the party has championed the language rights of francophones and passed the limited Charter of Rights and Freedoms, its strong loyalty to capital has undermined the values that liberalism claims to adhere to. Liberalism was heavily inspired by John Locke who advocated for limited government to protect private property from the Crown N workers. He famously supported the colonization of indigenous lands believing in the superior productive capacity of white settlers aka white supremacy aka racism aka ignorance.

For example, while championing equality, the Liberal Party has consistently chosen to build and sustain a fundamentally unequal society. While, the Canadian New Deal gave some benefits to workers like some income support and some limited labour rights, the Liberals over the years have supported the privatization of public services like Air Canada and Petro-Canada. These privatizations have lead to whole sectors of the Canadian economy being dominated by the wealthy. The way these enterprises, like Bombardier, are organized is undemocratic;  a small group of people make all the decisions. This organization of production leads to an unequal distribution of money and resources leading to political inequality and fascism. There’s a contradiction between the Liberal progressive claim and their support for Public-Private Partnerships which leads to public money for private profits. Contradictions this immense cannot be avoided indefinitely. Increasingly, Canadians are aware of liberal hypocrisy.

Justin Trudeau says North Coast no place for oil pipeline

The Liberals over the years have supported the vast accumulation of private capital by a few families. Old money, concentrated in such places as southwest Ontario and Westmount in Montreal, has played a big part in influencing the Liberal Party to ensure it remains a party of the ruling elite for the ruling elite. The Paradise Papers recently exposed the ties between Trudeau, the Liberal Party and the wealthy zionist Bronfman family.  Stephen Bronfman is Trudeau’s good friend and chief fundraiser. Hes been evading taxes for years and helping other rich people do the same. Trudeau loves spending time with rich people; a chinese billionaire giving the Trudeau foundation “cash to play”, money for access aka bribery/corruption. Trudeau spent more then $200,000 of public money for a vacation on a billionaire’s private island.

The relationship between Trudeau n the Bronfmans is quite fascinating. This wealthy family based in Quebec, made their money bootlegging for Al Capone. They were big in the booze sector n then invested in hollywood. The Bronfmans control billions, and thats just what we know publicly. Now thx to the paradise papers as well as other reports on offshore tax havens, we know the Bronfmans as well as other wealthy families like the Windsors n the Rothschilds hide their money in secret accounts around the world, particularly in Switzerland.

“Edgar Miles Bronfman Jr. (born May 16, 1955) is an American businessman who currently serves as a Managing Partner at Accretive LLC, a private equity firm focused on creating and investing in technology companies.[1] He previously served as CEO of Warner Music Group from 2004 to 2011 and as Chairman of Warner Music Group from 2011 to 2012. In May 2011, the sale of WMG was announced; Bronfman would continue as CEO in the transaction. In August 2011, he became Chairman of the company as Stephen Cooper became CEO.[2] Bronfman previously served as CEO of Seagram and vice-chairman of Vivendi Universal. Bronfman Jr. expanded and later divested ownership of the Seagram Company, and also worked as a Broadway and film producer, and songwriter[3] under the pseudonyms Junior Miles and Sam Roman. ” – wiki

The Bronfmans are notorious for supporting Israeli Apartheid. They are hardcore zionists and are criminally responsible for their longstanding financial support for the british/zionist colonization of Palestine and the displacement and genocide of Palestinians. This organized crime syndicate known as the Bronfmans have deep ties with the Rothschilds, another notorious zionist family. The two families are linked in a number of ways thru investment firms like the Bronfman Rothschild Wealth Mgnt firm. These firms help their old money friends hide their wealth to avoid taxes n help them invest in corporations across the world. The ties between the Rothschilds n the Liberals is a lil more hidden. However, its clear to me theres some ties between the Liberals n the Rothschilds.

I mention all of this because the Trudeau/Bronfman connection (as well as the presence of other hardcore liberal Zionist) explains deep anti-Palestinian/Zionist sentiments within the Liberal party. Most Canadians support Palestinians yet the Liberals stubbornly keep supporting the terrorist regime of Netanyahu. Just today (dec 21st), the UN General Assembly (UNGA) almost unanimously voted for a resolution calling on the US to reverse its decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a move which violates international law and has sparked global outrage. Canada, usually very supportive of Israel at the UN, this time took a step back and decided to abstain. I personally feel this is a cop out and another sign the Trudeau Liberals never vote against Israel. hmmmm I wonder why?! 🙂

The  capitalist class or the Powers that Were as I like to call them, are cunning and do not put all their eggs in one basket. They’ve learned over the years to support more then one party. Cleverly, they give money to both the Conservative Party (the old Progressive Conservatives) and the Liberal Party (the old reform movement). In the 20th century, especially in the early part, the Liberals brokered deals between wealthy anglophones and francophones. The PC party has traditionally been dominated by Family Compact elements (a network of anglo-saxon wealthy families in Ontario) and new oil money controlled by western Canadian elites.

Thru playing both parties, the rich can alternate between them to maintain stability and prevent rebellion. When the people are tired of the Conservatives, the elite can hide behind the Liberals as a “savior” entity that the  people can rally behind. That way, regardless of who the people pick, Liberal or Conservative, tweedle dee and tweedle dum, the wealthy remain in power. This Liberal-Conservative corporate duopoly just like the Republican-Democratic two party system, is manipulated by corporations and the wealthy to control the political arena. This arrangement has been exported to all western-proxies in the Global South n has worked well for them until recently. In Europe n across the world we are seeing the rise of the Radical Left, the Radical Right n the decline of the extreme centre. While the Liberals did do better in 2015, this was largely a strategic vote against the fascist Harper gvt. It is likely that the extreme centre, the Liberal party, will see its vote share collapse over the years as a new generation of open minded canadians enter politics.

The Chretien gvt had promised social spending in their famous red book. Just like many liberal gvts past and present, they broke their promises as soon as they got elected in 93‘. They proceeded to do what they were hired to do; serve the interests of corporations and the wealthy. The Powers that Were, or Cabal for short, use corporate liberals to gain the support of progressives. These servants campaign left and then govern right for the Cabal. The Chretien/Martin gvts of the 90s and 2000s slashed public spending (programs for the poor, housing, health) and gave hundreds of billions in tax breaks to the rich. They signed corporate trade agreements and supported US imperialism, for example helping to remove Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the democratically elected President of Haiti. Just like Clinton and Blair, the job of Chretien/Martin was to promote neoliberalism; privatization, liberalization and tax breaks for the rich. Their job was to promote North American integration for the wealthy. Chretien did not go along fully with the Iraq War, but he did send some Canadian military personnel to Iraq. He was fully supportive of NATO wars in Yugoslavia and Afghanistan. Who knows what others crimes were committed under their watch…


The Martin gvt was reduced to a minority which forced them to give progressive concessions to the social democratic NDP. They were finally taken down by a united Conservative party and the sponsorship scandal which involved the Liberals giving their friends in Quebec millions of dollars. Support for the corporate liberals fell to an all time low as many canadians became aware of the Liberal hypocrisy; promising to serve the people while serving themselves and their Cabal masters. Paul Martin, the son of a Paul Martin Sr. a former cabinet minister, was very much part of the Cabal and probably involved in some very shady activities. Corporate liberals like Trudeau Sr/Clinton have been accused of rape and it would not surprise me if Chretien/Martin knew or were involved in high level satanic pedophile networks. These are of course allegations. They are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Too many on the Right jump to conclusions with chants of “lock her up”.

The Cabal (fascists) and members of ruling bloodline families (so called illuminati) usually force their members and the politicians that work for them to participate in satanic rituals to demonize them and ensure their silence and loyalty. According to sources, high level politicians like Prime Ministers and senior ministers are forced (perhaps some do it out of their own freewill) to do the most heinous crimes imaginable. Hilary Clinton for example has been accused by Cathy O’Brien of allegedly watching and getting off of her being tortured. I believe survivors. We do need a fair investigation to shed light on the facts.

All is being revealed. What is clear is that corporate liberals by and large serve corporations and the wealthy. The Cabal, those part of this criminal conspiracy, does need to give something to the masses once in a while so they’ll do things like increase taxes a lil bit on the rich or raise the minimum wage a bit just to keep people in line. The Trudeau Liberals are no different. In 2015, the electorate clearly moved left so the Liberals, being cunning, ran on a progressive platform promising to serve the middle class, indigenous peoples and the environment. They promised electoral reform, promoting peace, respecting civil liberties and restorative justice. They ran to the left of the NDP, then led by another corporate liberal turned corporate new democrat Thomas Mulcair. The strategy worked mainly because progressives were desprete to get rid of the overtly fascist Harper Conservative government.

Once elected, the Trudeau gvt quickly revealed their true colors. They reneged on their promise to stop bombing syria. They approved the kinder morgan pipeline. They came out in support of Keystone pipeline. Trudeau made a speech in front of oil execs reassuring them of his commitment to develop the tar sands. They adopted the weak Harper carbon targets. They broke their promise on electoral reform. They continue to ignore the concerns of indigenous peoples. The corporate liberals did increase public spending. This however has fallen short of what is needed and what was expected.

The corporate liberals are still popular among some. Most Canadians did not vote for them. Their decision to legalize marijuana is good and does have a lot of support. Challenge with the liberals is whatever they do is done within the logic of colonialism and neoliberalism. They want the weed market dominated by big corporations. They want to tax the rich a lil bit more while leaving many loopholes and refusing to go after tax havens. They want Public-Private partnerships for infrastructure and other public projects.  They want a national food policy without land reform; what indigenous peoples are unanimously demanding.

Its clear the liberal tradition of running left, governing right is alive and well. How much longer can they play this game? My guess is #Timesup. Younger generations are more open to alternative parties and ideas such as democratic socialism. Its up to parties like the NDP n the greens to step up with real progressive alternatives to the corporate lib-con duopoly. Its time to diversify our politics and support parties and candidates with integrity, conviction and a real commitment to build a society for the many, not the few.

Trudeau and his staff expensed $2,000 for 2 nights in ...







Intro to Deep Politics, Exopolitics and Spiritual Politics

Greetings fellow reader. These words are written espeacially for u 🙂 for time space is connected to all time space and indeed everything, past and present, is interconnected in the here and now.

The energies are intense at times and yet stable in others. I feel good writing these words, connected to the light from within. Its proving challenging to delve deeper into the mysteries of the now and try to remain connected to this horizontal plane of material existence. Sometimes i feel like going out alone in nature and meditating, focusing on my inner development and spiritual ascension. At other moments im compelled to go out, create, inform, agitate, organize and build a more just world.

While aware of the deeper truth, i am still fascinated by politics. So much going on in the world of electoral politics, social movement, geopolitics and the politics of courage. Many many people, indigenous, women, Muslims, people of color and other previously marginalized groups are now rising up like never before. Its a great pleasure to see rising environmental movements and political movements intent on building green, democratic socialist governments and redefine the social contract between state and people.

We are also becoming aware of other layers of politics that until recently have been kept on the DL. Politics (from Greek: Politiká: Politika, definition “affairs of the cities”) is the process of making decisions that apply to members of a group. More narrowly, it refers to achieving and exercising positions of governance — organized control over a human community, particularly a state. (wiki)

Deep politics as defined by Peter Dale Scott (former Canadian diplomat), is the business of the deep state, the activities of people who for want of a better word, we’ll call deep politicians. Peter Dale Scott took a more systematic approach. Professor Scott used the phrase to describe goings on that are so at odds with the public stories about what is happening that they are collectively repressed. If what is generally referred to as ‘politics’ is the 10% of an iceberg that is visible above the water, Deep Politics is the 90% which underlies it.


Deep politics is the world of spy agencies/intelligence community, covert operations, deep state elements like the military, the police, finance, secret weapons and technologies. This includes secret societies like the freemasons and other deep actors like organized crime and terrorist groups. These are political players and groups that have a significant role in the decision making process but are not covered as much in the mainstream media.

For example, we know the CIA and other intelligence agencies engage in secret activities like assassinations, regime change operations and supporting non state actors like Daesh. The CIA recently was active in trying to overthrow President Assad in Syria. The US state and their allies made a deep decision (secret at first) to remove Assad from power. This led to a brutal war in Syria that is only now finally coming to an end (slowly but surely) This deep event, the attempted overthrow of Assad, had huge implications for mainstream politics (the war in syria and everything related to it, refugee crisis) but was initially denied and not even mentioned in the corporate media. The public discussion in the west was there’s a grassroots revolution occurring in Syria to overthrow the “dictator” Assad. At a deep level, level of deep state agencies, groups like the CIA and other intelligence agencies like CSIS here in Canada were active in supporting armed rebel groups in Syria.

Other deep events include the assassination of JFK and 911. These are earth shattering events that are orchestrated from behind the scenes. The official public narrative is different then what was actually occurring. According to Peter Dale Scott, deep politics is where decisions are made to influence the public in a certain way and often to enforce the will of secret deep actors like a secret shadow government. The words deep state are now said more often in alternative news and even the corporate media. The election of Trump and the crisis within the US state has exposed the important role played by the deep state. Agencies like the FBI and the CIA are seeking to influence public opinion thru statements and campaigns to investigate collusion with Russia. Thanks to Snowden and other whitlesblowers we know spy agencies collect copious amounts of info on the public.

Its becoming clear that deep actors like CSIS and the RCMP largely serve special interests. Groups like CSIS have been known to target activists. They often refuse to investigate the crimes of the rich and famous. In a capitalist/imperial society its quite clear these agencies, mainly, serve the Powers that Were and are there to ensure the democratic state (more transparent institutions like Parliament and the PMO) remains loyal to Her Majesty.

An investigation of deep politics or deep state activities may lead one to become conscious of even more secretive workings of the State. Since I was a child Ive been captivated by the beyond. Ive always been a huge fan of Star Wars and imagining what if we are not alone in the Cosmos but surrounded by intelligent life. Indeed we are and exopolitics seeks to understand law, government and politics at the universal level. Its the study of the political implications of ET life. Once you get past the ignorant belief that we are alone in the cosmos, you then have to wonder how ETs relate to one another, what is their relationship to Earth, have we already been visited?

For an intro to exopolitics, I highly recommend Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe by Alfred Lambremont Webre. This Canadian lawyer/futurist and scholar does a solid job trying to investigate what universe society might be like and why it seems we’ve been isolated. According to Webre, the main question in Exopolitics is what is the nature of the planetary quarantine; why have we been isolated from the rest of interplanetary, interstellar, multi-dimensional universe society?

I strongly believe that ETs are very real and have always been involved in Earth affairs. Deep actors like the military and secret societies like the so-called illuminati, are aware of exopolitics but for various reasons have decided to engage in an extensive cover up of all things UFO and ET. Things are rapidly changing, but until very recently it was simply unheard of to openly discuss anything ET. Aliens belonged to the world of sci fi, not serious academic discourse.

Its now clear to me and many citizens that deep state elements, mainly in the West, are not only aware of ETs but doing everything they can to keep us away from them. Many whistleblowers like Corey Goode and Pete Peterson have come out publicly to disclose their participation in secret space programs and other secret black budget projects that interact with ETs. Exopolitics includes the study of treaties that have been signed between secret earth governments and different ET groups like the grays and pleiadians. Exopolitics is important because it seems the relationship between human groups and ETs have a large impact on Earth affairs. For example, according to many sources certain Earth crime syndicates have made deals with certain ET groups like the reptilians to exchange humans for advanced technology.

Thru deep politics avenue, u get to some deeper shit. Presenting; spiritual politics. Of course, the term has been around for sometime. I feel the words accurately describe the process that relates to politics n deep politics. Spiritual or non-physical forces influence human affairs. From other dimensions, they play a part in molding n sometimes directly intervening in the affairs of women/men/nonconformers. The factions of heaven monitor the lower realms n make their impressions thru like minded beings.

The forces in Service of Others, benevolent and positive, do their best to reach out to beings in our reality thru inspiration, creativity, art, dreams n visions. When we are in a higher frequency, we can communicate with highly evolved beings. When one is present and grounded in the here and now, she can connect with higher realities providing guidance, assistance, healing and wisdom. They have a duty to serve the people of Earth in a way that’s constructive without violating the Law of Free Will. “Nonintervention, the Prime Directive.”

Forces in Service to Self or simply seeking to have power over others, also operate from other dimensions/realities. Some say the lower astral is used by some luciferian beings to target human beings for mind control and energy. They want to control the minds of humans to manipulate our politics and exploit our inner and outer resources. More importantly, they are interested in loosh, or negative energy. They feed off negative emotions like fear, insecurity, worry, anxiety, etc. They influence certain humans to then corrupt earth politics in a way that serves their self-interest.

Just like in party politics, different spiritual factions are competing in a process I call “spiritual politics”. There is a decision making process taking place in the spiritual realms, different sides, working for competing visions. This fits beautifully with the axiom “As above, so below”. Politics is about interests, agendas, ideas, visions, biases, intentions, alliances and more. The nonphysical planes, while largely positive, have certain factions with less then honorable aims.

Spiritual politics offers opportunities. We can work with positive spiritual forces for our planetary liberation. They want what we want; peace on Earth. We are forming alliances with benevolent forces, the angelic realms, to take the power back, heal ourselves n the world. We are also interacting with the so called dark forces to shine light on these parts of Source and integrate.

Politics is a tool we are using to provide social housing and community gardens. We are working thru politics to meet our needs and build stronger communities. It helps to study deep politics n exopolitics to get a sense of the bigger picture. Deeper politics or spiritual politics can be studied thru the ancient practice of meditation, yoga and intuition, Connecting with our Higher Self n Source we can connect with positive beings in other realms willing to form a lasting human-angel win-win alliance for Galactic Integration.

Second Coming: Return of Christ Consciousness

I’m writing this on Christmas day, a very special time for Christians and even non-Christians alike. A moment to spend quality time with family and perhaps create a space for spiritual exploration and personal contemplation. Christmas for me is increasingly a powerful symbol, reminder of the birth of the man Jesus of Nazareth and the promise of the second coming of the Christ and the redemption of this world.


Khristos is the ancient Greek word for messiah. Christ comes from khristos. Jesus of Nazareth was a real person, a poor Palestinian Jew who lived under roman occupation about 2000 years ago in historical Palestine. According to Reza Aslan, author of Zealot: Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth, the historical Jesus, as opposed to the popular version promoted by the Church, was very radical and lived in a time where there was no separation between religion and politics. Aslan argues forcefully that every spiritual statement by Jesus was also a political call for rebellion against the brutal roman occupation of Palestine. Interesting how Palestine today is under Zionist/British/US occupation…

Messiah is a title. For the Jews, the messiah was the savior; the one chosen to lead the world and save it. Jewish messiah means “the anointed one”, the one who will redeem this world and liberate the jews from oppression and build the Kingdom of God on Earth. This is a deep theme, idea, myth, that forms a big part of the collective psyche of the judeo-christian world.

Unfortunately, this idea of Christ, the savior, has fueled the cult like worship of patriarchal public figures who will come and save us from oppression. There’s a deeply held belief that someone one out there will come and save us from this hell. This is a disempowering idea that we are not powerful enough to take on Satan, we must surrender to this external figure (now portrayed as a blue eyed white man!) who will come down and save us.


We can clearly see how the story of Jesus of Nazareth has been whitewashed into the idea of Jesus Christ; the white man who will come and save us. The current Trump cult is one such recent example of the Christian right mobilizing behind a strong father figure, savior, who will take back Jerusalem from the Muslims and redeem this world. Anyone even slightly mindful will recognize that Trump has many personal  defects to address before dealing with the challenges of the world. Christian fundamentalists, just like Islamic fundamentalists, use religion for their private interests founded on fear and ignorance.

Christian fundamentalists like Pence, Pat Robertson and Stephen Harper, believe in some sort of Endtime prophecy which motivates them to instigate  war and chaos, Armageddon, which destroys unfaithful humans and creates the space thereby the Christ will come down from Heaven and save this world from the anti-christ. The anti-christ today for many Christian fundamentalists seems to be Muslims and Iran. This might partially explain Trump/Bannon’s  obsession with Iran. They are playing this base which believes War on Iran is part of some biblical battle to defeat the forces of Satan; modern day Islam. Amazing, how the new testament of Jesus “love one another” becomes “hate Muslims”…


Still, I, just like many revolutionaries are deeply inspired by the real life and legacy of this Son of Man named Jesus of Nazareth. He was a revolutionary. He was a socialist in the communal sense (sharing and caring, healing for free). He was spiritual, deeply in tune with the Judaism of the time, and yet he was very concerned about how poor Palestinians were being exploited by the elite which included luciferian (service to self) roman rulers (archons) as well as rich Jewish priests. He was not a Christian. He never hated or even met Muslims as Islam was only created later. I feel he was connected to a higher intelligence, God, the Creator, the Holy Spirit, but he was a man. His soul, in touch with the One, embodied the physical vehicle of Jesus, the man. Perhaps thats why he often referred to himself as the Son of Man, wanting to avoid people idol worshiping him instead of looking within and fostering a personal relationship with God, the One.


I grew up in a spiritual community, the Sri Chinmoy Center, which has some cult like features. Good people. Yet, some of the ‘disciples’ tend to worship Sri Chinmoy. This can be a hindrance in ones spiritual practice; instead of looking within for true power, the disciple without question follows every word of the idol. Surrendering ones discernment to someone else robs us of our capacity to ascertain the Truth  for ourselves, cut out the middle man, and look within for God, the One teacher. Instead of becoming unique expressions of the Mother Goddess, the Creator, we become blind followers. The Christian mind cult, according to Cobra (codename) has been used by the Powers that Were to control us and keep us within their AI based Matrix.


Its important to remember that just like all great public figures like Dr. King and Gandhi, there was a movement behind Jesus. The ones we remember were always part of a collective that worked together to achieve their desired ends. We know Jesus was surrounded by other followers of the One God; Mother Mary, Joseph, Mary Magdalene, Peter, etc. Magdalene in particular seems to have had a very important role that has been suppressed by the patriarchal, anti-feminine, Roman Catholic Church. Mary wrote a gospel as well (the book of Mary) and was according to some the main spiritual teacher of Jesus and later his wife and mother of his children.

Chipo Chung Is Mary Magdalene

The spiritual and revolutionary teachings of Jesus, Mary and the other early Christians, who BTW were most likely black or arab looking, were then hijacked by the Romans and turned into the evil and oppressive Catholic Church. Just like modern social movements, this early Christian movement against the Empire was co-opted by it and neutralized. Jesus, the revolutionary, became Jesus Christ the spiritual teacher, unconcerned with the plight of the poor. VERY SIMILAR to how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the democratic socialist, anti-imperialist, peace activist and champion of the poor, has been whitewashed in pop culture and reduced to a liberal who proclaimed.”I have a dream”


Its important then to remember the words of Jesus of Nazareth, Son of Man. “The Kingdom of God is Within You” a simple yet powerful pointer towards the eternal Truth, inner peace and stillness, that redeems the world. We need to look within. Thru meditation, inner healing and fully embracing the present moment; the Here and Now, we can reconnect with God and be inspired to take action to redeem this world and build a more loving and peaceful planet for all.


The second coming is therefore not necessarily the return of a man, but the return of a state of consciousness. Christ consciousness is a feeling. Its a higher vibration that one can discover and broadcast thru the timeless wisdom of compassion, presence, mindfulness, meditation, prayer, contemplation, concentration, service to others and spiritual understanding which comes from many traditions. Atheists, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and all peoples can embody this universal Truth. This feeling of Oneness is what redeems the world, exposes the anti-christ, anti-life, luciferian forces of destruction, and marks the dawn of a new Golden Age where all peoples can enjoy peace, harmony and happiness.

Merry Christmas to you, your family and your loved ones 🙂 We are One. One family. One Nation. We need to remember this and the simply reality that we are all the ones we’ve been waiting for; we are all the messiahs, the saviors, chosen to come here to change this world and lead humanity towards spiritual evolution and ascension. Together, as children of God, we can re-integrate with our cosmic family and continue our journey back Home; our journey to Source, the One.