The Illuminati: Fact or fiction?


Theres a great deal of talk in the main alternative media (rt, press tv, real news) about the deep state, something that conspiracy theory circles have been talking about for sometime. Truth seekers, those not afraid to investigate the validity of conspiracy theories, have been saying for a long time there is a secret conspiracy for global domination called the New World Order lead by a secret society named the Illuminati. Often, these truth seekers were ridiculed, people like David Icke and others. “OH thats just a conspiracy theory” and then its brushed aside and ignored. This has created a huge stigma around these words and discussing it in the mainstream. Now elements of these theories are streaming into the public domain; deep state actors are using mass surveillance and other techniques to try to control the the masses as well as the democratic state. Who controls the deep state? Do secret societies like the Illuminati exist? What is the extent of their power?

This is something ive been researching now for sometime. There is a great deal of information on the net/books/documentaries about this. Unfortunately, some of the information is misleading/false which doesnt help the situation. However, there is a number of what i deem credible sources that provide interesting insight on this phenomenon. First lets start with the basics. According to wikipedia, a conspiracy is an agreement by a group of people to commit a crime. I dont think i need to convince you that happens all the time unfortunately. People conspire to murder, steal, attack, harass, lie, you name it. The agreement needs to be covert of course because it is a crime; it needs to be kept on the DL. A good historical example is the assassination of JFK. Without getting into the details, a days research will provide some compelling evidence that this was indeed a conspiracy. Serious investigators, dedicating a considerable amount of time, have concluded that John F Kennedy was murdered by his enemies; mafia, oil execs, rival politicians, FBI, pentagon, etc. He made a lot of enemies. He came from an elite family and started off wanting to serve those interest but increasingly wanted to confront the deep state, even publicly talking about it. There was considerable motive/intent by deep state and non state actors to conspire to murder him. Lincoln, MLK, Berta Caceres, there are sadly too many examples of good people being murdered, thru secret conspiracies.

So some conspiracy theories are in fact TRUE, what i like to call conspiracy facts. My feel, and i trust my intuition to guide my research, is the ridicule of conspiracy theories is in fact a way for conspirators to try to prevent people from seriously investigating these theories. I feel there’s also a deep sense of denial among the masses. We know the world is fucked, but it seems a part of us wants to hold on to the mainstream zeitgeist that our leaders, business, political and others want the best for us. In ignorance, in the world of maya, the Earth human game we’ve been playing here, we have been greatly deceived, mislead, enslaved. Surveillance, policing, extreme inequality, corruption, fascism, white supremacy, colonialism, capitalism, prisons, regime change, imperialism, war, poverty, greed, murder, terrorism; i wish these were theories but they are indeed real. Think about it….in order to build such an oppressive and intolerable society, doesn’t make sense that those who benefit, a small group of people, would have to secretly conspire to commit these crimes?

Secret societies are a fact of life. Society is another word for organization. Some are public, some are private. Knight’s Templar, Freemasons, the Vril society, these were/are real secret organizations. They are of course partly secret; we know of their existence and many current and former members, whistleblowers, have come out publicly and reported on them.  They often do so because they get disenchanted and realize the group they’ve been serving has been doing evil behind their backs. These groups can also be described as cults. I myself have had experience with a semi-cult and I know what it feels like to be immersed in one and then realizing the group wasn’t as benign as one had been led to believe. In many ways, the deep state; spy agencies like CSIS and the CIA, the pentagon, are also somewhat secret societies. Many of their activities are not audible, secret, tied to so called black budget funds (money that doesnt appear on public official documents) Once again, common sense (which should guide any research in this field) would inform that if your going to do something against the public interest, your going to do it in secret. If you do it out in the open, “hey everyone, so like, were spying on all of you and were planning on killing so and so person because they are against the war were trying to wage”. people would be like “Fuck you NIGGA!” 🙂

So obviously plans to control the world, aka imperialism, have to be made in secret especially as more and more people are awake and wanting democracy, equality and global cooperation. What do I know to be true? Its self-evident that our capitalist system benefits a small group of  families at the expense of everyone else. These families, which include infamous ones like the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, use big corporations like banks and oil companies to monopolize resources, bribe politicians and media people, to then rig the system in their favor. These families, also known as the bloodlines of the illuminati (there are supposedly 13 main ones), often will work thru fronts. Just because John Doe ‘owns’ a company on paper, in reality they may just be a front for dark money; the real owners want to remain in the shadows. In order to sustain this unequal, fascist system, they need to use various means to force countries and groups into submission. Countries like Iran, Russia and China are encircled and threatened because they are relatively more independent then say Canada (a fact which as a Canadian im working to change). Iran for example has a central bank that is, according to sources, not directly controlled by international banksters like the Rothschilds and others. That might explain why Israel, controlled supposedly by Rothschilds, is adamant about fueling war against Iran. Imperialism/capitalism is a conspiracy fact. There is a plan to control the world, its resources and its people. There is a conspiracy to commit a crime. The level of extreme inequality is not a random occurrence! This has been a deliberate process planned by a few families (its a trans generational plan) often in secret. Of course!! 🙂

Dark forces operate in secret. They cannot operate in the light of consciousness because light is information and knowledge is power. The more their plans are exposed, the light shines and transforms, empowering people to Take the Power Back. Demons work in the shadows. Is their a group called the illuminati doing all this? Probably. From the research ive conducted, and let me tell u this is turning into a fulltime job :), there appears to b a number of groups with that name, with different agendas. Illuminati actually means “holders of light”. There’s a great deal of evidence to support the claim that an organization called the Bavarian Illuminati did indeed exist and was started by Johann Adam Weishaupt. This man was German and this organization was indeed secret. But like most things, its hard to keep things secret for long. There are theories this organization had benevolent intentions; wanting to promote science, critical thinking, challenging the dogma of the Church and monarchies. Feels true to me that perhaps this organization started off benevolent and then was infiltrated by the Powers that Were as i like to call them; the malevolent forces wanting to take over the earth in service to self. These forces are notorious for infiltrating organizations; freemasons, political parties, unions, religious institutions like the Vatican.

Shits real. These demons, and im using this term not to judge but to describe the current state of these lost souls, need to operate in the shadows and work thru different organizations, the more secret the better, to gradually influence human consciousness to accept Satanism, control, fascism, anti-life behaviors like greed, egoism and war. Once you understand this, then the earth human game becomes more clear. Its important to understand this level of the game, what I like to call deep politics, to be a real player in this world. We need to understand Lucifer‘s hierarchy of tyranny (I will be discussing Lucifer and the spiritual forces at play in my next piece) we see here to be able to overcome it. Ultimately, the light that shines transforms all; the more people are  aware of these unconscious forces, the more rapid changes we will see towards freedom and sovereignty. Exposed, these satanic forces will no longer be able to manipulate. Once you know that big banks and corporations are part of a larger plan to bring in a one world totalitarian gvt, you’ll be less likely to buy their products 🙂 Informed, people can choose to support alternative organizations; cooperatives, credit unions, democratic enterprises, community projects, progressive politicians, initiatives to build a more direct form of democracy, a more equal, democratic and sustainable society. Shining light on the Illuminati, we can reclaim our Prime given right and be the true holders of light and power that we are. Will the real Illuminati please stand up?



Transcending Imperialism

Transcending Imperialism



Africa’s national liberation struggles continue on. While overt, in your face, imperialism has gradually faded away, there has been a more covert, secretive type of imperialism that has been haunting the continent for decades now. This type of imperialism is harder to track and challenge due to its elusiveness. However, the contradictions created by relative political autonomy and economic dependence compel Africans to question just how independent are these so called independent states with black leaders. Kwame Nkrumah wrote in Neo-Colonialism, The Last Stage of Imperialism that while countries in the 60s and 70s were able to regain some political power from Western imperialists, they remain subjected to these same powers due to African balkanization (redrawing of the map into small nation-states), black imperialist proxies and capitalism which leads to economic dependence, impoverishment and subjugation to global predatory lenders and speculators.  

Nkrumah lead the nation of Ghana from 1957 to 1966 when he was overthrown in a military coup. He was a socialist committed to serving his people and ensuring that resources went to those in need. Prior to this, Ghana was known as the Gold Coast, a colony of Britain that was used precisely to extract gold and other resources. Obviously, this became intolerable for the Africans who revolted and gained “independence”. Nkrumah and the Convention Peoples Party realized the limits of political independence without economic liberation. While Africans now controlled the state, the imperialists had retained a number of ways to continue to control the country. For example, imperialists had de-industrialized much of Africa and forced African peoples to export raw materials to the imperialists centers in Europe, America and beyond. The Africans, through a number of colonial means, were disconnected from the subsistence economy and forced to buy imports from the imperialist centers to meet their needs.

In a nutshell, they had lost the capacity to produce for themselves and had to rely on money and markets, controlled from elsewhere, to meet their needs. In order to build large infrastructure projects like dams and highways, African leaders were forced to borrow from the International Monetary Fund and World Bank at high interest rates. These predatory lenders imposed Structural Adjustment Programs on African countries; they had to introduce market friendly reforms (deregulation, liberalization, privatization) at the expense of local populations. This economic dependency limited the political autonomy of nations like Ghana because if they refused to cooperate with imperialism, they risked loosing access to money and goods they relied on. This is a very old way to control someone. You make them dependent on something you control (money, credit, markets, goods, life and death) and you use this as leverage against them. “Do  fill in the blank , or else, you’ll lose fill in the blank

The imperialists are still willing to use barbaric military force when necessary. The United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) is an illegal military operation that is being used to conduct regime change and try to control the destiny of the continent. AFRICOM/NATO attacked Libya and murdered its leader Muammar Gaddafi. They continue to engage militarily in that country, contributing to the chaos that remains there. France and Canada have sent troops to Africa to protect mining interests. Germany hosts AFRICOM’s headquarters. AFRICOM has been building bases across the continent and making deals with deep state actors in various countries. Through African armed forces, imperialism hopes to intimidate African nationalists and assassinate activists/revolutionaries if necessary. Recently, AFRICOM assisted in the removal of Gambia’s former leader Yahya Jammeh. Fortunately,  countries such as Eritrea and Zimbabwe have refused to cooperate with AFRICOM.

Fast forward to today and we are witnessing a New Multipolar Order; the re-emergence of multiple power centers. Africa is uniting, just as Bob Marley had urged her children to do. This process is at times slow and challenging but there’s signs that Africans want to accelerate the process of integration. The African Union (AU) has established political and economic integration as a top priority. The AU website highlights the organization’s commitment to forge a path “Towards a Peaceful and Prosperous & Integrated Africa”. While the union is not perfect, there’s a force within the continent committed to peace and development. On a recent trip to Africa last fall, I saw first hand this beautiful, rising pan-africanism. Everyone I spoke to demonstrated a love of the continent as a whole. The cities were filled with optimistic references to “Africa rising”, “Afrique émergente” The music I listened and danced to were filled with pan-african sentiments pointing to a growing continent wide African consciousness.

W. E. B. Du Bois famously stated “the problem of the twentieth century is the problem of the color-line – the relation of the darker to the lighter races of men in Asia and Africa, in America and the islands of the sea”. It is still a challenge in the 21st century. The world is now multipolar with the rise of China, Russia, Iran, the progressive pivot of parts of Latin America and many other developments. Many countries are choosing to drop the dollar for international transactions. While US hegemony is in decline, its military-industrial complex still poses a threat to global peace. Western imperialism, the product of capitalist development, has always been tied to white supremacy. The imperial centers, European and American, stole resources and people from Africa and much of the world. Through capitalism, these resources were concentrated within a few families, with some benefits trickling down to the white working class of  the world.

During the 20th century, unions and anticapitalists in the West fought for higher wages and benefits. The system needed allies so capitalists gave higher wages to whites to create a base of support. This created a middle class loyal to capitalism/imperialism. The welfare state was a result of super-profits made through the super-exploitation of the darker people in the global south. Western corporations could pay higher wages in the West/North because they had access to cheap labor and resources in the South. Till this day, more money leaves Africa then enters it through investments and aid. Much of that money is siphoned away in western banks. Some of that money is invested in the west in the form of money laundering. Recently, the contradictions have come home as the system is no longer able to sustain the higher wages of the largely white North, many companies are moving more production, even of high value items, to the South.

The globalization of production and the free movement of goods and capital has created resentment among white workers in Canada, the US and Europe. The contradictions between workers and capitalism are intensifying. Fascistic sections of the ruling elite are using white nationalism to channel anger away from capitalism to create scapegoats; muslims, mexicans, immigrants, and other groups that can be blamed for the loss of wages and jobs. Despite this, many are becoming more critical of capitalism and the wars fought in its name. The system’s prospects are further impacted by the rise of an anti-imperialist alliance of countries including Iran, Syria, China, Russia, many Latin American nations and more. This geopolitical shift is creating a window of opportunity for Africa. While previously African nations were dependent on Western controlled financial institutions like the IMF and the World Bank, they can now choose alternative sources of investment. The continent is developing a strong bond with China and others through win-win agreements founded on mutual respect and benefit. China’s ‘One Belt One Road’ infrastructure plans have created opportunities for African nations, particularly the ones in East Africa along the proposed ‘New Silk Road’ initiative to connect Eurasia to Africa through transportation highways, rail lines and more.

Africans value independence above all else. We cannot replace one imperialist with another. While China’s contributions to Africa are undeniable, the country is still dealing with its own capitalist contradictions. While the Communist Party leadership states its desire for socialist development, since the early 90s it has been embracing a form of state- led capitalism. Millions have been lifted out of poverty, but millions remain exploited by private as well as state enterprises. China has more billionaires then the US, extreme inequality, financial bubbles, large amounts of debt, corruption and an over-reliance on exports. There is a struggle taking place in that country. The peasants and workers are rising up. The Chinese capitalist class is looking for markets and investment opportunities abroad. Capitalists have historically been notorious for looking out for their own self-interest and using military force to protect their investments. If the balance of forces tilts further in their favor in China, Africans need to reconsider their relationship to this country. If China can continue to democratize the economy then the China-Africa relationship will flourish on a foundation of inclusive development.

Africa is rising, building new ways of living and thriving. Africans are uniting, becoming more conscious, serving other groups impacted by imperialism (Indigenous, Palestinian, and others), remaining independent and anti-imperialist. It is also necessary to democratize the African economy and transcend capitalism, markets, money, exploitation, fear and materialism. The choice is ours: democracy or neocolonialism. Many Africans like myself are choosing the former, marking the end of neocolonialism.

Housing is a Right, not a Commodity


Housing is a Right, Not a Commodity


Homelessness sucks. Imagine for a minute, that you didnt have a place to
call home. You didnt have a warm place to go to on a cold night. Your
struggling to find a place to sleep or even just rest. The police and
other unsavory characters regularly harass you and tell you to ‘get
lost’. People routinely look down on you because of the way your
dressed. You cant shower anywhere so you don’t smell like other people.
This is the life of many of our fellow citizens. Even on a warm-ish
night being homeless is a challenge, but in a place like Canada with
below 0 temperatures, its a death sentence. Countless canadians have
called for an end to homelessness over the decades, but at 150 years
we’ve yet to ensure a healthy home for all. What is the root of this
failure? Why can’t we seem to end homelessness? What are the systemic
forces that have been overlooked and are preventing us from solving this

On November 18th of 2016, housing activists gathered in Toronto to
demand the Trudeau Liberals fulfill their campaign promise to introduce
a National Housing Strategy. This national day of action was being
organized by the Right to Housing Coalition, an alliance of community
organizations. In the past, this coalition brought federal and
provincial governments to court arguing their failure to address
Canada’s homelessness crisis is a violation of the Charter of Rights and
Freedoms and international law. Indeed, Canada has ratified a number of
binding UN agreements that recognize the right to housing such as the
Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on
Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Theses documents have been
ratified by Canadian institutions and are therefore binding. The
coalition is calling for more public investment to guarantee everyone
access to housing; especially more money for social and cooperative
housing which are by far the most affordable. While calling for
affordable housing is important, we need to remain mindful of what that
means. Affordability essentially means cheaper; ensuring that rents are
low enough that low income people can pay for them. There is an
assumption that everyone has money, however low. The truth is, many
people are moneyless. Many homeless people dont have any money at all
and if they do its barely enough to eat. If they do have money, often it
is simply not enough to cover all expenses for basic goods. A guaranteed
income would make sure that people have money for housing. The question
should be asked though, why do we need to pay anything for housing? If
housing is a right, not a commodity, then why is it being bought and
sold like one?

Before colonialism was established here in the 17th century, land was
shared collectively by different First Nations. The concept of ‘rent’,
‘property’ and even ‘money’ was foreign to them. When the white man came
and introduced these ideas, the indigenous people had a hard time
understanding them as they were fundamentally different then their
communal values. Rent is a legacy of colonialism. The settlers who came
here brought with them ideas of private property and the tenant-landlord
relationship. In Europe, feudalism had dominated economic relations for
many generations. The Crown owned the land and lords managed it on
behalf of the monarchy. Peasants, the vast majority of people, were
landless and forced to work for the landlords to stay alive. They were
tenants forced to pay rent. This rent-seeking was so outrageous that
peasants in France revolted and demanded the end of this tenant-landlord
oppressive system. These events became known as the French Revolution, a
process which is still ongoing. Unfortunately, the merchants took
advantage of the situation and became the capitalists of the new system.
Capitalism, while doing away with some elements of feudalism, maintained
this tenant-landlord relationship and its rent-seeking. Landlords are in
many ways, the original capitalists. Today, large sums of money are
transfered each month from tenants to landlords in the form of rents.
Often, the landlord does little work to maintain the units to receive
this rent. The rent is imposed through fear; if the tenant does not pay
rent, they are evicted through the use of state force. The capitalist
state therefore maintains this exploitation and serves the interests of

Reform orientated Liberals in the post-war welfare state era invested in
social and cooperative housing. This was due to the New Deal climate
favoring public investments, strong labor and social movements, and
international pressure from state capitalist regimes like the Soviet
Union that did provide free housing and other basic goods. The
subsequent rise of neoliberalism (trickle down economics) lead to social
spending cuts, especially for housing. The Chretien/Martin governments
made huge cuts to investments in social housing which lead to a shortage
of units, long wait lists, higher rents and lower quality. These same
governments gave hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks to
corporations and the wealthy; wealth was transfered from the masses to
the elite. Homelessness is a choice. Capitalist governments choose to
ignore their legal obligations so they can support their financial
backers at the expense of the rest of us. The lack of social housing
effects everyone else. There is less public housing available meaning
that more people are forced to rely on the private housing market. This
increase in demand for private housing increases the price and makes
housing more expensive for everyone else. In addition, private housing
markets are highly unstable as demonstrated by the 2007/08 US subprime
mortgage crisis which lead to widespread foreclosures. Even in good
times, speculation and the profit motive causes gentrification which
turns working class neighborhoods into havens for the rich. Markets
favor those with money; the poor lose out and are evicted.

Free housing thats accessible to all, is the only way to truly guarantee
the right to housing. Everyone that needs a home can get it; regardless
of whether they have a paid job, are on social assistance, or have no
money at all. This process of decommodification would mean that housing
becomes a public good; the costs are covered through public finance.
Instead of spending billions on war, we can use that money to make sure
everyone gets a home. Instead of investing in police brutality, we can
divest and put those resources into social housing, ensuring everyone
has a healthy home and preventing crime as a result. We can tax
corporations and the rich more to raise revenue for housing and other
basic needs. It is well documented in the Panama Papers and other
reports that trillions of dollars are in secret accounts in offshore tax
havens. Governments can easily enforce the law and seize these funds
that rightly belong to the people; especially the homeless who need it
the most.

The Government of Libya provided free housing to its citizens before
they were bombed by NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) members
including Canada . If a much poorer country like Libya was able to do
it, then surely we can too. We can examine ways to cut costs, reducing
high salaries in the public housing sector, focusing on building
smaller, environmentally friendly homes, that require less resources and
labor. The next step would be teaching and empowering people to build
their own homes, learning from indigenous people who’ve been doing this
since ancient times. Housing activists need to remain fearless and call
for free housing. As long as we put a price on housing, those with money
will get it and those without wont. Its really that simple. All that is
required is the will to be bold. While im an eternal optimist, the
Liberal party as a whole is too tied to big business and the wealthy to
be expected to introduce free housing. The party has a tendency to
support public-private partnerships which only help to prop up the
capitalist system; the very system that creates homelessness in the
first place. Rich people, who are often landlords, want housing to be a
commodity because they make money off of it. They want us to pay rent so
they can be richer and buy ridiculous things like mansions and big cars.
Many are supporters of the Liberal Party. Its likely that new,
anticapitalist leadership will be required. Housing activists, homeless
and poor people need to take over the state and build free homes

Its time to abolish the police

There’s an important discussion taking place around the relationship between democracy and security. Fearful of losing their privileges, the ruling class is using media to argue for putting more resources into security, policing, surveillance and militarism. Under the disguise of protecting the public and fighting terrorism, the real policy objective is to maintain the status quo; a task becoming more challenging due to mass awakening, the crisis of capitalism and shifting geopolitics. The ruling class has always had fascistic tendencies for history teaches us the poor masses inevitably rise up to challenge inequality and oppression.

Movements like Black Lives Matter are raising awareness about the draconian policing and incarceration practices in the US and inspiring similar movements in Canada, Brazil and around the world. Police reforms like body cameras and community control are important and need to be implemented. The time has come to take the next step and call for abolition. We need to challenge the basic assumption that communities cant protect themselves and must depend on others to protect and serve them. A discussion around what causes unwanted behaviors, community care solutions and police alternatives needs to be fostered.

Modern policing in North America is rooted in colonialism and slavery. In Canada, the Northwest Mounted Police (RCMP) was created to protect the European colonies and industries from indigenous people’s struggle to take back their lands. They would often kill indigenous people in this effort. In the US, many of the police departments, especially in the south, morphed from the slave patrols who were used to intimidate the enslaved Africans, prevent revolts and capture those who escaped. They would often kill the Africans trying to break free. The murder of indigenous, black and other peoples occurring today by police is therefore not new and rooted in history.

The widespread killing of Africans is part of an ongoing policy of genocide. Recognizing the mass awakening taking place, the powers that were are scared and desperate to take out all opposition to their rule. Through the police, they are killing Africans and trying to intimidate poor people to keep us from rising up to challenge their draconian vision of  total control. Thankfully, people are fearlessly continuing to oppose these powers and demanding democracy now. A constant barrier to empowerment remains the police departments; institutions precisely designed to disempower. That why we must demand more then reform; we must demand abolition.

We can live in peace without the police. Communities, past and present, have lived in harmony without the need for police. We can imagine ways to improve our relations with one another. Building self-sufficient communities that guarantee rights like housing, food and other basic necessities. We can raise awareness, educate and promote mental well-being. We can learn how to de-escalate situations and how to resolve conflicts using community-based non-violent means. We can focus on community care and transcend the structures of oppression like capitalism and colonialism that generate unconsciousness and violence in our communities. Now is the time to abolish the police and build communities free from state violence, free from fear.





Africom Go Home

Rising from the ashes of the old, a new Africa is bornagain, conscious n powerful. Her children r awakening from Zimbabwe to Egypt. They dont give a fuck 🙂

I, a child of Burundi, a servant of Africa, hear my mothers call. She wants to b free. She is FREE. With her strength, we r sweeping the continent from all forms of colonialism. Africom…GO HOME!

U claim to protect n serve but just like the police, we no ur delusions. We no ur satanic motives to control our mother n take her resources. We no ur a vehicle being used by the Old Ones, the vampires, the powers that were, the reptilian crossbreeds, lizies in disguize, to try to stop the INEVITABLE shift which we r experiencing now.

I cud b pissed…I no tho, ur true selves. I no the spirit that emanates ur bodies deep inside. Satan was once an angel n is destined to return home. Come home!

Africom, I love u. Go back to America n serve the people there. Grow food, build homes, raise the vibe…dats what IS building a more peaceful reality.

Remember. Feel. Love is strong. Africom is being transformed. Africa is free. Africa is leading the way to a higher plane…a higher


Where you @?

Listening to MIssy, gettin free stress free being me fly homie g!

Im in the moment. Writing words that inspire. writing words dat heal

Brexit is a sign dat the old is dying, giving way to something new. Im for integration, the lesson of the eu is dat this process needs to b aimed for something higher. unity for capital, greed, control is in fact false integration, a process which leads to disunity n suffering as weve been witnessing

This is a lesson for all earth humans; integration yes! capitalism no! integration must b aimed at becoming more mindful, loving, peaceful, serving one another n the most high

Latin America is leading the way in this regard thx to great leaders like Chavez, Castro, Rousseff n others. ALBA is a great xample of integration aimed at fostering democracy, challenging imperialism n serving the globe. We  r building an African Union founded on democracy, equality, sustainability, ujamaa, ubuntu, spirituality.

Working thru anticapitalist united africa to democratize this world, abolish africom n the empire, liberating this world n focusing on our real task at hand -> integration with the rest of cosmic society 🙂

God is great

D Revolution is NOW

Love is the key. Love is what make up the OMniverse. Guided by this love I write this msg. Using these words to sustain higher vibe. We are clearly in a state of transition. From one world to the next. i am present. feeling the moment. maintaining a high vibe im transforming capitalism. im writing words to heal, to inform, to teach. Offering this space to the most high to abolish state violence, colonialism, patriarchy n usher in this NEW society, here n NOW 🙂

Listen to this music…