Universal Basic Income 4 JUST Transition! *

Its now plain for all to see that our broken capitalist system is failing at all levels. Billions of beings are struggling just to find the basic necessities of life like food, housing and education. A Universal Basic Income here in Ontario and beyond, would go a long way to ensuring a JUST Transition for all into a new more inclusive and sustainable financial system.

We have the right to a positive experience. We are ONE. According to Cobra (2012portal.blogspot.com), this planet is now Galactic Federation domain. We have never been alone. Advanced positive ET species are always monitoring every inch of this world. Not in the way the NSA does it, to control, but like a mother watches her children.


With love and concern. They want us to do well. They do not like the horrible things that have been going on here. They dont like that billions (!!!) struggle just to survive. We are perhaps the ONLY planet in the cosmos where the resources are concentrated in the hands of the few and where most people are either in debt or just getting by. Many many many, in Yemen for instance, are suffering from famine, illness and war. This is not normal. We got use to it….but this is PURE INSANITY!!!

Canada has signed numerous international treaties like the International Covenant on Social, Economic and Cultural Rights. “Considering that, in accordance with the principles proclaimed in the Charter of the United Nations, recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world,”



Inalienable is the key word here. That means these rights exist even if you dont believe in them. Many are selfish and only care about themselves, due to ignorance. Or maybe One is libertarian and feels government is evil and can never solve anything including eliminating poverty (very dumb). IT DOESNT MATTER 😉 You have a right to your opinion…you DO NOT have the right to take away someone else s right. No government can take away rights. These are inalienable rights given to us by the Goddess Herself; Prime Creator. They can try…but human rights abuses have consequences.

A mother takes care of her children. That is the whole point of a basic income. Ensuring that EVERYONE can enjoy the resources of this world….not just rich European males. This is nonnegotiable for me. As far as im concerned, any government official not providing a basic income or meeting the needs of the people in other ways, is in criminal violation of international law and needs to face legal repercussions.

Local laws are always a reflection of Cosmic Law. Human Rights are inspired and guided by the laws of the cosmos. The Law of One is simple yet powerful: We Are One. From this flows the Law of Free Will; we are free to do what we want. From the One Law flows the understanding that LOVE is the basis of creation. The Goddess creates with love and encourages all to Love one another. From these primary laws flow certain rights and responsibilities. The Galactic Codex, according to Cobra, is a set of guiding principles that is accepted by advanced positive ET species within the Galactic Federation. We have a right to a positive experience. This means we have a right to the necessitates of life. We have a right to housing, food, clothing, clean water and MORE!


As mentioned, this would seem to be a given for ancient cultures. Spiritual societies understand the Law intuitively and naturally build local economies that are inclusive and sustainable. They understand the material world belongs to us all and must be shared in peace and harmony. Greed is simply unheard of among spiritual communities; you take what you need and you make sure to leave some for others. DUUUHHHH 🙂

We will move beyond money. As we evolve spirituality, money becomes obsolete. We can manifest whatever we want. This takes practice. To facilitate the transition, we need a basic income guarantee to ensure people have what they need to be happy and ascend, at their  own pace. If the Ontario government fails to do this, the Feds will need to step in to introduce a National Basic Income Guarantee program for a Just Transition!