The Return of the Lightwarrior: Embracing Nonviolence for Global Peace

“War does not make one great” – Yoda


We are in transition. More people then ever are using their co-creative power to manifest a world of peace and prosperity for all. The spirit of the Goddess Isis shines thru her starseeds blossoming into lightwarriors. A warrior does not engage in violence. A true warrior has the courage to be herself; that is the true definition. The courage to be the creators that we are. Goddesses in the making. Children of the Mother Gaia, physical forms of the One Light. The creator working thru all to bring wisdom, justice and peace back to this planetary system. The Blue people, nordics, positive dragons and other Starnations are here to assist and guide our ascension into a Higher plane free from war and enslavement.


We are in a space between worlds. We are still learning to transcend challenges. Recent terrorist attacks demonstrate that the forces of ignorance and negativity are doing everything they can to delay the inevitable. Victory of the Light is as guaranteed as the cycles of a clock. We are still faced with war and terror. The fascists who infiltrated this world long ago and hold humanity hostage are still represented in some governments, especially in the West, Saudi Arabia and Israel. We have made great progress here on Turtle Island but we are still too focused on militarism and state violence. The dark forces still possess some political and economic actors and are doing everything they can to use violence and their black magic money system to continue to enslave the masses, engineer false flag attacks to cause terror and fear and manipulate the masses into using violence to respond to the violence they themselves instigated.


We are learning better ways to protect and serve our communities. We are becoming more present, strengthening our aura and preventing negative energies from entering our space. Thru feeling a high vibration, cultivating inner peace and joy, we are co-creating a more loving and cooperative world. Grounded in Truth, we can use telekinetic self-defense and Aikido principles to enhance our divine protection. Using the power of consciousness to promote peace, love and understanding. Developing peace in ourselves, we can foster peace in the world.


Let us focus on peace and sustainable development. There is conflict in the global south because of poverty and imperialism. We need to empower all peoples to be sovereign and self-sufficient. Working to promote development that meets peoples needs like housing, food, healing and transportation. Releasing suppressed technologies like free energy and advanced healing so that we can focus on community care; minimizing suffering in our global community to create space for people to blossom and create with peace and love.


We are in transition. The old world/New World Order of war and violence is over. Now we are embracing a new Heaven and a New Earth. We are abolishing all forms of state violence like military, secret agencies, prisons and policing and instead raising our consciousness and using the power of love to overcome fear and violence. With full disclosure, financial reset, truth and reconciliation, a Department for Peace, we can empower citizens to build a harmonious higher reality. Thru peace and understanding, we can meditate together, ascend and manifest a more loving and equal global community for all peoples.





Prison Break: Abolishing the Prison-Industrial Complex

Towards Restorative Justice: Abolishing the Prison Industrial Complex

The Trudeau Liberals promised to reform the criminal justice system and focus on restorative justice. There is mass awakening occurring as North Americans are becoming aware of the injustices of our penal system. The Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) has been exposed as a racist tool used to criminalize Indigenous people, Africans, trans, poor, working class and other marginalized groups.

We need to abolish prisons. Calls for reforms and better living conditions for inmates are important. The fundamental issue is not the conditions but the fact they are imprisoned against their will and often forced to work for little to no pay. Professor Angela Davis has described the situation as a modern form of slavery. The PIC needs to be dismantled so we can focus on restorative justice and other alternatives founded on compassion. This includes the abolition of policing, surveillance and all other forms of state violence.

Prison abolition would save money, lives and promote well being for individuals, families and communities. What is missing is the political will to do it. The public is more aware but more needs to be done to educate and raise consciousness about the need for abolition. We propose the PIC to be abolished in two stages. There needs to be smooth transition but urgent enough to alleviate the suffering of those impacted. ASAP

1) Criminal Justice Overhaul: The first stage includes the immediate release of the vast majority of inmates. Many inmates in Canada have drug charges. Many inmates are awaiting trial and need to be released. Support should be given to these individuals, their families and communities to provide them with the skills, love and healing they’ll need upon release. All levels of government need to support grassroots community care teams to promote mental well being, crime prevention and conflict resolution. If requested, resources need to be given to Indigenous communities to re-establish their traditional form of restorative justice. The criminal code will need to be simplified in the first stage. Only the most extreme offenses like murder, rape and crimes against humanity would be left on the books. Inmates who have committed these crimes but demonstrate good behavior should be released on a case by case basis. We need to forgive. Past offenders will need to take necessary measures to correct past mistakes. Victims have a right to reparations.

2) Abolition: The final stage would mark the end of the PIC. As local communities are empowered they will be able to handle more extreme cases. The key is to shift our mentality from one of revenge to one of forgiveness. The inmates deemed to be too unstable will be moved to advanced healing centres. We can deploy Turtle Island’s best healers, techniques, and technology to help restore their balance. The criminal code will be repealed/eliminated. It doesn’t mean we suddenly become lawless, it just means the State is no longer in the business of enforcing laws thru violence. Citizens internalize Natural Law, use their own judgment and enforce it out of their own Free Will. Thru healing we can come to a point where criminal behavior is simply nonexistent as we have evolved beyond it. State judges/lawyers/police and other criminal justice officials will no longer be employed by the State but they can still use their positive skills within their own communities. This will save money that can be used for free housing, free energy, tax breaks for workers, a guaranteed income and more. All prisons and detention centres will be shut down. The land will finally be liberated from the injustice of the PIC and we will enjoy freedom and healing justice together.

There is no specific timeframe for this process. It has already begun and can accelerate as more people awaken. One possibility is that this process can occur within 1-2 government mandates (one mandate is about 4-5 years). We are open to this happening much quicker and in a different way. The world is in flux and its a great time to be an abolitionist 🙂

Exposing White Supremacy with Jagmeet Singh

Differences challenge assumptions. Many people, perhaps most Canadians, internalized white supremacy. Whether you consciously knew it or not, you accepted that this country was ruled by white people and would always be. We assumed theres nothing wrong with always having a white English person as head of state; nothing wrong with that, its symbolic, she has no power. It is a symbol, thats the point. The British royal family represents white supremacy and its symptom known as imperialism. Europeans get triggered when I mention the monarchy being a symbol of white supremacy but its quite obvious if your not white. Last time I checked, the European families perceived by some to be royal do not marry anyone named Mohamed or Lakesha. In fact, they dont just marry any white person. They’re very picky about interbreeding between a few ancient bloodlines. Our constitutional monarchy was designed by white old money to serve white people at the expense of non-whites, especially Indigenous peoples who continue to be systematically murdered by settlers in different ways, some known and unknown…

Game Over

The truth hurts, but the Truth shall set us free. Im very happy with Jagmeet Singh. Finally, a different face with different values. We have visible minorities in Parliament, but its good to see non-whites in politics with the courage to be themselves even if it means being attacked for it. Its only been a week since his victory as leader of the NDP but already white folks are losing their minds. One of the biggest secrets about Canada is white supremacy RUNS DEEP. In her new book, Policing Black Lives, Robyn Maynard exposes centuries of anti-blackness in this country and the systematic effort to criminalize black people to keep us inferior to whites. Ultimately, the stats don’t lie: if your white your more likely to have land, higher income and less likely to be imprisoned or stopped by the police. Our system is white supremacist. Vast majority of land is controlled by rich white families. Indigenous people have access to less then 1%! The corporations are controlled largely by white people. Some of their corporate slaves have color for public relations but the real power lines stream thru ancient white bloodlines. Illuminati is a conspiracy fact. White gatekeepers are programmed to suppress the publication of these words.

Colonialism and white supremacy are tight. The mass murder of Indigenous peoples was founded on the lie that whites are superior to non-whites. This deeply ignorant belief has caused the deaths of hundreds of millions of people across the world in the form of imperialism and regime change. White supremacy is so deep that were quick to be outraged at human rights abuses in largely non-white countries yet silent when it comes to human rights abuses in western countries. This system designed to exploit nonwhites for whites even fails to adequately benefit poor whites. This has fueled the alt right. The Matrix controllers need to use nonwhite scapegoats like Muslims and migrants. White supremacy kills; imperialists like Trudeau/Trump/May support terrorist/regime change operations across the world to maintain US hegemony aka global capitalism aka white supremacy. Capitalism, designed by racist white people, is a system that consistently exploits non-whites for the benefit of white people.


Jagmeet Singh is not only proud to be Sikh but hes also proud to be progressive; tackling inequality, environmental destruction and electoral reform. In many ways, the attacks on Singh are manufactured to distract us from the real issues. The biggest fear of the zionist Powers that Were is that white people will wake up and realize that racism/white supremacy is a tool of enslavement; a mental prison that keeps white folks from evolving and uniting with non-whites to overthrow the Satanist transhumanists behind much of our problems. Thankfully, many working class whites, with the help of meditation and other eastern mindfulness practices, are learning to transcend primitive white supremacy to embrace Unity Consciousness; the Truth that We are One, Diversity within Unity.

The Infinite Creator is not limited to the extreme limitations of racism. These uncivilized beliefs must be abandoned to advance at the end of this major cycle. The purpose of life is to learn and evolve; racism slows down this natural progression of the soul. This is deliberate. Perhaps some rich white people dont want the enslaved whites from waking up and realizing that they too have been enslaved by their massas? Am I right or wrong? We are the soul, living beyond. Saying whites are better then non-whites is like saying red is better then purple; its just different strokes for different folks. It is my responsibility as a nonwhite to tell whites the Truth; white supremacy is a deep feeling of insecurity, a cunning form of inferiority complex. A defense mechanism. A symptom of spiritual immaturity that sees everything as separate. Fearful and ignorant of Truth, whites suffering from this illness must believe that having white skin makes one superior to other people to cover up this negative feeling of “not being enough”. Weakness disguised as strength. This mental poison is contagious and has even infected many nonwhites. Interesting. Don’t believe me? Donald Trump. Case closed.


Its also very rich that whites are freaking out about Singh being religious. Most Canadians believe in God and have some kind of faith. Atheism and free market fundamentalism are also forms of religion; deeply disseminated belief systems meant to unite people in denying the Creator and worshiping materialism; greed, lust and debt-slavery. Another secret of white folks is many of our mis-leadership class, banksters, oiligarchs and their white collar slaves, are Satanists and Luciferians who are programmed to express their occult beliefs thru the state, media, economy and society. Luciferians in particular are arguably spiritual in the sense that they know an aspect of spiritual Truth, they admit there’s a Creator. They hide their stolen symbols in plain sight like the All Seeing Eye on the dollar. They use their Free Will to deny compassion and instead embrace a Service to Self philosophy. These Luciferian ancient bloodlines impose their religion on the rest of us in the form of the death culture, disease, ignorance, enslavement and extreme secularism.

There needs be a separation between the state and the Church, mainly the zionist/Jesuit-controlled Vatican. The state needs to respect all religions including Atheism and other belief systems. The state’s role is to simply meet the needs of the people, not impose any beliefs. The state and political leaders do need to encourage values of compassion, love and understanding. These values are what guides many spiritual traditions. I welcome leaders of faith who want to use their spirituality to serve others and to build a society for the many not the few. The Truth is spiritual. Materialism is not scientific. Consciousness, another word for spirit, is primary. The Omniverse, according to futurist Alfred Lambremont Webre, is spiritual in nature. This is known by Indigenous and African cultures. Our consciousness manifests the illusion of physicality. This has been scientifically proven. This spiritual understanding needs to be embraced by anyone who wants to discern the nature of reality. Spirituality isnt about words/beliefs. Its a feeling of Oneness; the realization that We are One, beyond physical forms. In order to deal with the challenges we face like trauma-based mind control, negative extraterrestrials, interdimentional beings and fear, we do need to connect with our Higher Self to gain the wisdom necessary to Ascend to a love-based reality.


I support Jagmeet Singh because he embodies this positive, loving, spiritual quality I seek in a leader. Great leaders like Harriet Tubman, Gandhi, Tommy Douglas and Dr. King also shared this inner light. Canadians see thru the deception of the conservative/liberal corporate duopoly controlled by immoral sociopaths. My one critique of Singh is that he is not radical enough. We need bold leadership and ideas to abolish capitalism, colonialism, imperialism and white supremacy. We need to redistribute political and economic power thru transformational plans like land reform and direct democracy. We need to take back the Bank of Canada and use it to empower local communities to create, free from Lucifer’s grip. The NDP has a good chance to form government in Ontario and perhaps federally. If elected, they will be attacked by reactionary forces who want to maintain the old capitalistic, unipolar order. My optimism lies in the fact many whites are embracing Unity Consciousness, becoming abolitionists and uniting with non-whites for an end to mental slavery. We are rising together, as ONE.

Strictly 4 Ma Niggaz

This one goes out to all the hood cats, niggaz, hustlers, thugs, immigrants, gangsters, OGs and sisters. Black people. Real niggaz don give a fuck. We still here despite all the bullshit. Yall thought I forgot the streets. Yes, I played the gvt game for a minute. Made some pape. Learned some tricks. Didn’t u ever stop n think perhaps ur homeboy was playing double agent nigga? I grew up in the hood. Shout outs to ma peoples in Draper, D-Block, Prop-A-Way, Westside…where we keeps it real. All day err day. Call me undercover brother. I speak english but im a nigga, DONT GET IT TWISTED!!


“Peace b the greeting of the insect tribe, pestillent forces cant catch the vibe. We live to rock and we love to rock mics, we speak in ghetto tongues cuz ghettos the life.” Ghetto is still the life. Like a slave, I broke free. Fuck the masa. We’ve got underground railroads. DEEP. N we got niggaz there too that gots are back. Catch the 411, ya dig?

“Illuminati want my soul and my body, secret societies trying to get they hands on me” But Satan aint shit. This OG works for the Top; The Queen Bee, The Most High. God. Prime Creator. KILLUMINATI. Like Brother Tupac we can be hood and black panther; their aint no contradiction nigga. The two fit like watermelon and black people. BE PROUD TO BE BLACK. The other day I bought bananas and I was clownin nigga “FUCK YOU, I LIKE BANANAS, CALL ME MONKEY” Cuz I couldn’t care less what white people think. Black dont crack. Black came back. Ive got love n Free Will. And ima do me. The man cant put no impants on me. And FUCK THE POLICE! Dats Abolition, u feel  me bregeren?


YO BUDDY, AI aint shit man. In fact we got plans for ur fake ass shit. White boy Corey Goode has ratted u out. Lucifer son of the morning. These archons were acting real slick, but with 911 they fucked up and the games up. HEAT. The fear they instill in us I use as fuel ma nigga – Keeps me on ma toes. On my feet. Where I need to be. Playa. Play or be played. We aint gotta choose between King and Malcolm. Biggie and Tupac. East Coast vs West Coast. Thats the white man game; divide and conquer. Played out. Like yesterday. The two were friends. They were tight. They understood ujaama: family-HOOD. Peace!


Haters get beats. Snitches get stitches. Dont hate the playa hate the game. Theres beef where phat be at. I aint a snitch. I aint tryna attract no beef nigga. We celebratin no more drama in our lives. Cuz I went from negative to positive and its all good nigga. Beef attract beef. Hate attract hate. Do for love. Love is strong. Taking my freedom and living life like its golden. U feel me? I face death, laugh n turn that shit into a new dance. Let God do the rest. Cuz KARMA IS A BITCH.


To my sistaz. Ur beautiful. I aint gotta tell you nuttin. Yall tearin down white supremacy quicker then I can shoot a 3 point. Yall dont give a fuck and its great. Im luvin it. Expressing your powerful Goddess energies. Being the Isis in you (the real Isis, not them fake ass zionist proxies). Gotta stay black. We gotta survive, I understand. U aint gotta spend fiften hundred dollars on “good hair” sista. Your beautiful just the way you are. Nappy and Happy. Like Angela Davis, you grow that hair out. Afro, dreads, you do your thing. B patient with a nigga. Being a black man in america is TIRING AS SHIT. Im exhausted just being me. Tired us being a menace to society. Dats why your bra is mixing Morpheus beats. Tellin these white peeps the god damn truth. FUCK YOUR MONEY!!. But yall give us strength. Pls forgive me.


This is a msg of luv. Keep your head up. You take a man off the streets but you cant take the streets out of a man. Stop hatin. Luv one another. “We are people of the South” said brother Chavez (our nigga!). The world is changing. Whats going on? Dem Bruce Lee motherluvers can fight. Were teamin up. New Multipolar World. NWO got lies ya no but NMW is full of possibility. From Havana to Tehran. Bujumbura to Damascus. Beijing to Moscow. Know your roots. We are Africans –> an ancient, great people. Kings and Queens. Know your allies. Look up to the stars. Remember who you are said Mufasa I hear theres niggaz in Sirius? Word on the street is that Africans came from Sirius. Word?

The South been awake and AINT FUCKIN AROUND NO MORE. Agent Orange in the White House xposing them KKK clowns. We are grateful. Judgment Day is Here. Kingdom Come. I FEEL the Promise Land! Ascend to your throne. The Kingdom of God is within you. Babylon b burning. Fuck the money changers! Weakness disguised as strength. Keep playing nigga! The Prop-A-Way!

“Im neighbor-HOOD”- Paul Mooney

“But to become free, you have to be acutely aware of being a slave.” Assata Shakur


“What the Negro did was to wait, look and listen. As soon as it became clear that the Union armies would not or could not return fugitive slaves, and that the masters with all their fume and fury were uncertain of victory, the slave entered upon a general strike.”- WEB Dubois, OG

From Star Wars to Star Dreams: Full Disclosure, Financial Reset and Arrest of Cabal

Dear friends,

We have been lied to.

Many thousands of years ago, this planet was quarantined and since secretly controlled by a criminal Cabal of extraterrestrial origins (physical and non-physical archons, Draco/Reptilians, Orion Group, Satanists/Luciferians, Committee of 200/300, Illuminati, 13 bloodlines, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Jesuits, Black Nobility, Chimera Group, etc). After WWII, the US government signed TOP SECRET treaties with negative non-terrestrial groups like the Dracos/Grays, which was hinted at by President Eisenhower in 1961 (referring to the military-industrial complex) when he gave his farewell speech. Nazis, brought here from Germany through Operation Paperclip, infiltrated western governments and have worked to bring about a fascist/Zionist New World Order/Fourth Reich ever since through the use of various secret advanced weaponry like artificial intelligence and directed-energy weapons.



A war in space between negative ET groups and positive groups like the Galactic Confederation had been brewing for years. These Galactic Wars between the Orion based Galactic Empire and the positive Galactic Confederation of Light was resolved a long time ago with many dark forces surrendering and joining the light. Those negative factions that refused to surrender came to Earth, their last stronghold. The Light forces have cleared the solar system and are rapidly clearing all darkness (negative forces enslaving humans for private gain) from this planet. An underground Resistance Movement was formed in 1999, working with positive groups like the Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans, Earth Alliance and Positive Military for planetary liberation. The Star Wars are coming to an end and we need to unite and embrace Star Dreams; becoming a positive galactic civilization. This shift is already happening.


Elements within the Government of Canada are well aware of the above information (cosmic clearance) and the cosmic energies hitting our planet. This higher frequency coming from the Galactic Central Sun is changing everything. There will be a major Event: a solar flash which will be felt by all and will signal the end of darkness (negativity, control matrix) and the beginning of a Golden Age where we reconnect with our Star Family. This Event will also include the non-violent arrest of the Cabal, public tribunals and Full Disclosure with indisputable evidence of what has been occurring here. There is a spiritual Ascension to a higher density that is available to those who choose to evolve.


Cosmic Guy - more vibrance.jpg

A new group, Ottawa Galactic Council, has been formed to prepare for change. We are part of a global movement for planetary liberation:, while we remain independent. Our intention is the full upliftment of humanity so that we may ALL enjoy a loving, positive experience.

We demand:

1) Full Disclosure: The Government is obligated to release info on extraterrestrial life and contacts, Secret Space Programs; Lunar Operations Command, Solar Warden, Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate, Dark Fleet, Galactic League of Nations, slave colonies on Mars, etc. Canadian involvement in these programs. This is necessary to inform Canadians on whats been happening and the cosmic changes which are occurring. We are behind schedule (Gaia was scheduled to ascend in 2000 but has delayed this process) and the widespread confusion that is taking place is precisely because of the lack of real information coming from the mass media and government authorities on whats really happening.


We have a Right to Know about treaties made between our government/allies and ET groups. Abductions/experiments/human trafficking allowed/facilitated by the government/allies. Inner Earth societies, bases and discoveries in Antarctica, such as; Pre-Adamites, Draconian bases, Nazi bases, SSP bases, ancient artifacts and beings in suspended animation.

We believe the public can handle it. There will be anger, but hope which will ease the process of forgiveness. Truth must come before reconciliation. We forgive and are prepared to give amnesty to those who cooperate and choose to serve humanity.

2) Financial Reset: The old financial system is a scam controlled by Rothschilds (not everyone in that family is in on it) on behalf of the Cabal. This conspiracy fact includes zionism which should not be confused with judaism (a loving religion at its core). An alternative financial system is being built by the Earth Alliance (BRICS nations, most nations outside of the West and many positive groups). With the rise of social movements here, we are seeing the emergence of a positive anti-imperialist/anti-fascist Western alliance as well. We need to release trillions of dollars held in secret Collateral Accounts. The money will be used for global community projects like free energy. A guaranteed basic income will smooth the transition towards a post-money society founded on Ubuntu, sharing, as well as advanced consciousness-based technology.


3) Arrest of Cabal: The criminals behind this global enslavement agenda will be arrested thru non-violent means. These will have full legal backing (local, international as well as cosmic law). Top members of the cabal will be prosecuted: Illuminazi (although many were involved against their free will). People like Bush, Cheney, Kissinger, Rumsfeld and others in Canada and beyond. The names are already known to those who will carry out this operation. Members of the Black nobility. Negative jesuits. Rothschilds. Rockefellers. Chimera group (beings from Andromeda galaxy at the top of the pyramid). This needs to be a public process. Amnesty will be given to those who cooperate and agree to correct past mistakes. A local as well as global Truth and Reconciliation commission will need to be formed.

Exposing the crimes against Indigenous peoples is only the beginning and there is much more: trauma based mind control, chemtrails, use of artificial intelligence for control, energy vampirism, mass surveillance, human trafficking, manufacturing wars for private gain, torture, use of advanced weaponry to lower consciousness, slavery, control of information and media, apartheid, terrorism, pedophilia, Satanic Ritualistic Abuse, mass murder, electronic harassment, GMOs, drugs, 911 and more.


The truth will be shocking but must be revealed in order for Canadians/humans to heal and more forward. We believe in transformative justice. As per the galactic codex (universal law), members of the Cabal that choose the Light (renouncing evil intents and working for the betterment of all) will be given amnesty. Those who refuse will be taken to the Central Sun for restructuring.


Thru full disclosure, financial reset and the arrest of the Cabal, humanity will be free to create and build a new world where all can enjoy a positive experience. We will be free to travel the cosmos and reconnect with our Star Family. We are manifesting Operation Dreamland; paradise on Earth. Our Star Dreams come true.

We Are One. There is Only Unity. Thru stilling the mind, being open to the light of consciousness, embracing the Goddess energies, we can evolve and remember who we are; Prime Creator, the Source, the All.

From New World Order to New Multipolar Order: Canada’s Role in a Post-Empire Global Community

At 150, its time for Canada to grow up. The colonial state of Canada, unlawfully established off of the genocide of indigenous peoples, is at a critical point in its history. The world is changing and the US empire is in irreversible decline. Canada needs to remember the ancient wisdom of Indigenous peoples on Turtle Island. First Nations are not warmongers; peace is a pillar of their spiritual way of life. We need to align ourselves with this vision and develop a new foreign policy that recognizes the New Multipolar reality, focuses on disarmament, leaving NATO and joining the Non-Aligned Movement to build a global community founded on sovereignty and understanding.

Game Over

Prior to the formation of Canada on stolen native land, Indigenous peoples felt the world as one living being. This deep spiritual connection meant that it was very natural for them to maintain peaceful relations with other nations. When the white man came, many welcomed him with open arms until that initial cordial meeting was tainted by betrayal, theft and rape. This land was broadcasting peace for countless years prior to colonialism. This peaceful tradition is still engrained in the land and is still being voiced by Indigenous leaders. In the spirit of reconciliation, the Canadian government must honour this peaceful tradition and echo it on the world stage; renouncing militarism and all forms of state violence, breaking with terrorism in the form of US hegemony, building closer ties to the South and emerging global players like Russia and China to focus on global peace and development. We need to decolonize this land as well as the world,working together to promote peace and non-violent counter-terrorism in Africa, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan,Yemen, Ukraine and all other victims of western crimes of aggression.

The world is changing. Out of the ashes of the Draco – nian US Empire, the Global South is building a New Multipolar World focused on peace and development. In addition to leaving North Atlantic Terrorist Organization and withdrawing support for all wars, Canada needs to work thru the UN and other global bodies to strengthen cooperation for eradicating poverty and ensuring that all peoples can enjoy freedom and a positive experience. For example, Canada needs to sign on and ratify the new UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. We need to support the creation of a UN Parliamentary Assembly. Such a body can help democratize the UN and other intergovernmental bodies to ensure that they answer directly to the people thru proportional representation.


What we really need is global direct democracy to bypass the disproportionate influence of some countries and fascist groups. The people of the world, especially the poor, have a right to a direct say on matters such as global resource allocation, financial reset, how to better ensure collective security and prevent barbaric conflicts. We also need a global Truth and Reconciliation commission to provide full disclosure on the crimes of the Cabal (group behind the fascist New World Order), advanced technologies like free energy and healing, and the role of extraterrestrials on this planet.


Regionally, we can work with our American and Mexican neighbours to strengthen North American unity and integration for collective well being. The Cabal has wanted a union for their private, Service to Self interests. The anti-imperialist Latin American integration project championed by Simon Bolivar and Hugo Chavez exemplifies how regional integration can be used to empower and provide Service to Others (like the poor and dispossessed) and to challenge the NWO Bush/Cheney/Kissinger demons. We can work as North Americans for land reform, the eradication of poverty on the continent and provide free health care to all. We can work to put an end to the longstanding drug war in Mexico. We are already uniting against fascism nazism on the continent in the form of Trumpism.

Canada also needs to stop interfering in the affairs of Caribbean and Latin American countries such as Cuba, Venezuela and Brazil. We should support the Bolivarian revolution and the western cry for freedom from imperialism and oppression. Canada needs to take a stronger stance in support of Palestinians and BDS; Canadians do not support Israeli apartheid. Ultimately, we need a Canadian global policy focused on ridding the world of Satanic US imperialism and with a New Heaven, building a New Earth founded on oneness, peace, understanding and global solidarity.