A Just Ontario

How to Build a Just Ontario:

Respect inherent, inalienable, Indigenous rights to all the land. As settlers, we have an obligation to seek consent for any major development affecting Ontario’s First Nations like the Great Anishinaabee. We need sustainable development that is harmonised with the traditional lifestyles of Indigenous peoples

Give Ontarians a direct say in decisions thru democratizing gvt departments/public funded organizations like hospitals and universities; open meetings, a vote on decisions and localizing services to give communities direct control over the state

Expand universal health care to include pharmacare, homecare, naturopathy, chirotherapy, dental and other essential alternative medicine

Heal the environment thru reducing toxic production, removing toxins from the land, air, water and food.

Encourage healing practices like meditation, yoga, exercise and self-care to empower Ontarians to heal themselves

Eliminate tuition fees and democratize universities to give all power to students and workers

Support indigenous land claims. Support aboriginal self-government. Empower indigenous communities to be self-sufficient and independent

Rebuild Ontario Hydro; a public, localized energy system that supports the development of community controlled power. Lets take the leap and produce free energy

Support rural and urban agriculture. Free land for farmers and communities. Support community farms and gardens. Empower local food centres to provide high quality free organic food to all in need

Introduce a living  wage and raise social assistance rates to eliminate poverty. Guarantee a basic income for all

Cut high salaries in the public sector starting with mpp salaries. Cut government wasteful spending

Abolish OPP (provincial police). Build community alternatives to policing (community care, transformative justice). Work with municipalities to abolish local police forces. Train local communities how to defend themselves and promote well being/crime prevention. Retrain workers in community care efforts.

Introduce proportional representation, the right to recall and citizen initiated referendums. Embrace direct democracy

End homelessness NOW.

Invest in tenant and worker run social and coop housing. Respect the right to housing. Empower people to build their own homes that are sustainable like earthships, tiny homes, etc.

Land reform; give Ontarians access to land for individual/community projects in the interest of all (agriculture, housing, healing spaces)

Support unions; encourage and make it easier for workers to join unions. Reduce the work week (with no loss of pay). Work with unions to improve labor standards, redistribute profits and democratize enterprises

Tax the rich. Cut taxes for workers. 50% above 250,000. Top bracket of 100% above 500, 000. Reduce inequality thru breaking up monopolies, providing communities with the means to produce for themselves

Abolish capitalism and march full speed towards democratic socialism; community ownership and control of the economy.

Work with the Fed to democratise the Bank of Canada to provide public credit to provinces. Create an Ontario Investment Bank. Work with credit unions to provide much needed grants and loans at low cost.