The Blade in me: Dealing with Energy Vampires

Vampires are real. I believe the myth surrounding them is based on real people/experiences. Its quite simple; there are people who are connected to their life force and there are some who are disconnected and need to feed off the life force of others. This aint some conspiracy theory; this is real shit I have witnessed countless times!!

They are very cunning. They are friends, family, teachers, business people, politicians, everyday people. Some are very obvious (Trump and others who clearly live off drama and negativity) some are very very deceptive and can appear quite spiritual and positive until they catch you off your guard. Then they attack!

They feed off negativity. They seek  to “push your buttons” in order to generate a negative reaction which they feed off. They are brilliant at identifying what will get you upset. Even after many years of spiritual practice, some vampires are still able to get the best of me.

We are meant to be present, grounded, taking in the infinite life force, spiritual power, light that is both within and without. Our society, itself run by energy vampires who built a whole system to extract negativity, does everything to disconnect people from their true power source; the Source itself.

Once disconnected, people become essentially zombies (this is where that myth probably comes from aswell). Dead, lifeless, unaware of their soul essence, they must then feed off others; they must provoke reactions and create drama in order to generate negative energy. With compassion, we can understand that they are simply not aware of their soul essence and therefore find it difficult to work with positive energy. Unable to use the positive, they have to use the negative. Otherwise, they will die.

We all need energy. Without it, the body starts to dissolve. Simply eating and drinking is not enough. We require spiritual energy; energy that comes from the nonphysical planes. This energy is what allows us to function in this reality. Without it, we become sick, mentally unstable and lifeless. Life comes from spirit, the only true reality.

Vampires are essentially possessed by demonic entities. These entity attachments, archons, implants, various forms of AI tech, are deliberately used by the negative forces on this planet to control people and to generate loosh which they feed off. That is why they love to cause drama, conflict, wars, disease, poverty and general division in order to generate fear, pain and suffering. THEIR SYSTEM IS FUELED BY FEAR!

Fortunately, we are quickly exposing vampirism and lightworkers/warriors are becoming more and more equipped to deal with them. It can be challenging as often these vampires are very close to home. Love and forgiveness can be used to encourage all souls to rediscover their true strength. Spiritual energy is more sustainable, green and healthy 🙂

Energy vampires are getting more desperate as more people are standing their ground and embracing the light. The archons need to extract more and more loosh thru their dwindling agents. As the light from the galactic sun and our own sun penetrates this world, all negativity is gradually being transmuted. That means that those of a lower vibration will experience more and more difficulty if they cannot learn to evolve/adapt to the changing frequencies. We can all enjoy the Kingdom of Prime Creator, but those who hold on to the old negative energies will not be admitted.

For the time being, we must all learn to be like Blade; fearlessly facing the vampires, calling them out, standing our ground, refusing to engage in drama, with love and nonviolence, remaining positive, calm and if necessary removing ourselves from situations. From my experience, the more one refuses to be triggered by a vampire, the attacks become less  frequent till it becomes clear that the game is up; they must choose the light or distance themselves to avoid the power of the One.



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