Follow the rabbit thru deep politics to exopolitics

Presenting exopolitics; the political aspects of extraterrestrial life. The old assumption that many had that we are alone in the universe is so ridiculous that I will not dwell on it. We are not alone, the multiverse (this universe is according to sources one of many) is FULL of life. Many intelligent civilizations are very very advanced, technologically and spiritually.

We are indeed children from a cosmic perspective. We are kids that have been abused by certain alien forces that were using Gaia to feed off the negative. Thankfully, these forces are being removed swiftly. Humanity is liberating itself from the cabal-draco empire.

In order to finish the job, we need to fully  understand the relationship between deep politics, secret societies and black budget  programs, and ETs. Its becoming increasingly clear that the top part of the illuminati satanic pyramid is occupied by off-world entities. Our governments interact with ETs on a regular basis and have treaties with certain groups.


Thanks to sources like William Tompkins and Corey Goode, we now have a clear picture of the relationships between earth forces and ET  forces. In his  new book “The  US Navy’s Secret Space Program and Nordic Alliance”, Michael E. Salla explains how the US Navy formed a very secret alliance with a humanoid species referred to as the Nordics. They did so in response to intel they received about an unholy alliance between the nazis and the reptilian Dracos.

Many conflicts on Earth are proxy wars between galactic forces. While no one is perfect, it appears that certain groups like the Nordics, the Sphere Being Alliance, galactic federation, are here to assist us in our ascension process.  Other groups like the Grays and the Dracos are here for more self-serving reasons. These are of course generalizations which I will detail more in future writings.

Whats important to keep in mind for now is that there is a great deal happening behind the scenes. While the corporate media is as usual promoting fear and war, there is a huge interdimentional, galactic wide, and earth based alliance to end the cabal’s hostage of this planet. Many people are now awakening to the reality that a conspiracy has existed for a while to control humans for private gain. Now the job for truth seekers is to elaborate and fully expose this pyramid structure and how earth based syndicates are connected to off world dark forces.

Thru understanding exopolitics, we can envision how to form positive alliances with enlightened galactic forces eager to assist humans in this transition. I am myself in contact with very loving forces, connected to the One Infinite Creator, guiding me and many others towards a more positive and spiritual reality where all are able to develop freely and in harmony with one another. May the Source bless  all beings involved in this drama. May the light and love of the Mother Goddess  be with all beings rediscovering the simple joy of the present moment.



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