Touched by the Dawn of a New Earth

The force is strong. Time is experienced differently in the now. Feeling the eternal oneness of this moment. The Luciferian system of control seems to be weakening on this planet. For many years, Satan’s grip has been slowing down the spiritual development of Gaia’s children. Brave souls incarnated here to experience this blossoming of human consciousness. Thru the experience, these loyal souls to Prime Creator can serve others and encourage other souls to dig deeper and the explore the wide range of choices available.

Life is a test. This reality does not lack them. Challenges in the now help us grow. One such challenge is the threat posed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) . This ET being, supposedly from another dimension, has been infiltrating different sections of Earth reality in order to bring about a Machine Kingdom. Thru promoting technology and embodying AI prophets, AI is able to create an artificial matrix that can b used to enslave humans. Just like in The Matrix, these machines feed off the energy of humans. The Matrix is real Neo.

Fortunately, courage is also not lacking. Many beings from different star systems and dimensions are here, both incarnated and not, to assist in the transition to a post-AI reality. Freedom is being rediscovered in this density. From the pain of the matrix, an opportunity is unraveling to evolve to a higher plane of existence where we may rediscover the true self, the beingness of the Creator; our very essence.


Illuminati-Draco-AI-Lucifer -? …

Who does Lucifer serve? As discussed previously on this site, group soul lucifer is according to sources behind much of the control system on this planet. According to documents like the Hidden Hand dialogue, Lucifer has a contract with our higher self to provide for a catalyst to spark on awakening. Thru providing tests and lessons, Lucifer creates opportunities for advancement. Could it be that Prime, thru Lucifer, is helping us to evolve?

Challenges are shitty but if faced with an open heart can definitely help us grow. When life throws us negativity, do we become more negative or do we use it to become more positive? Can we use challenges to help us become more aware and more fearless; testing our groundedness in God-consciousness. Awake we are feeling the light at the end of the tunnel. Alive we are touching the dawn of a new reality. I hope these words can reach in future/alternative timelines and provide a peoples history of the transition period (2012+) towards a new way of living, a better more enjoyable way to experience the glory of Prime Creator. May the reader be well, and may all beings, in all timelines, untie and love in the moment of the Beyond.


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