From Consciousness Warfare to Unity Consciousness

There is a war over consciousness that has been brewing for many years. It has been described as a fight between good and evil. Some souls choose to create with love and light. Others choose to create with hate and darkness. All choices are valid; the law of Free Will is primary.

Prime Creator works thru different forms to create an experience. In this reality, also known as third density, duality is the name of the game. Darkness and light, male and female, night and day, war and peace; this virtual reality is marked by polarization. This bifurcation is reaching a climax now that we have entered a new cycle, the end of a major one.

There is great magic on both sides. Powerful souls have incarnated to maximize a positive harvest while others are here to achieve the greatest possible negative harvest. According to RA, a high density being channeled in the Law of One, the harvest is a process thereby souls that are Service to Others (STO) can evolve and enter a higher more positive density known as higher 4D or positive 4D. Souls that are more Service to Self (STS) can continue on and experience the lower 4th density, aka negative 4D.

Its all about choice. This is what physical experience is about. We are free to do what we want, but we have to live with the consequences of our choices. Thru learning from our karma, we are encouraged to make better choices, to grow, evolve and eventually return home, to Source.

Those of a negative energy, souls that choose to not follow the divine plan and serve themselves (which they are free to do), have been manipulating this reality to this end. They use black magic, the manipulation of consciousness to promote the negative, to control people and encourage them to be STS. They use media for example to promote fear, fake news, war, justify greed and inequality, ignorance and spiritual forgetfulness.

The matrix, this artificial experience of control, is used by these dark factions to generate negative energies which they feed off. They are disconnected from Source and need to steal the life force from others; they are vampires. These energy parasites are our sisters, brothers and gender nonconforming family. It is with love that we must inform and become aware of this manipulation of consciousness for private, STS ends.

Growing up I was a huge fan of Star Wars. There was something in this series that spoke to me at a deep level. Perhaps I was being reminded of the forces at play in this world. Sith lords are real; there are some beings who choose to work with the dark side of the force. Thru violence, fear and negative emotions, they seek to connect with the Luciferian spirit to gain power, wealth and special abilities. They harness energies from others and then use this to try to control, dominate and generate more negative energies for their nourishment. Sith lords are notorious for deception; just as Chancellor Palpatine was slowly infiltrating the Galactic Republic, our real life dark lords have been infiltrating every aspect of this reality. They infiltrated secret societies and used these to control politics, religion, media, business and other institutions they can use to promote their dark messages.

We have been here before. The force is strong. Real life Jedi Knights, beings from different realities who choose STO, have been monitoring the situation here since the beginning. We (I consider myself part of this movement) have been working thru media and other means to raise awareness and encourage Earth humans to choose to love, heal and forgive. Some jedis, at great risk, agreed to incarnate here in order to be the ground troops for ascension; being loyal to Prime, receiving the higher frequencies, disseminating new information for the awakening masses.

Working with higher laws, these guardians of the galaxy are changing this world, busting the system, while upholding the law of Free Will. Nonintervention is the Prime directive. Higher beings cannot simply come in and save humanity. They can only guide, encourage, inform; it is we who must choose to awaken, choose to be free. Thru Free Will, we are withdrawing consent from the matrix and cocreating a New World Order for peace, harmony and cosmic integration. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

A real life jedi works primarily thru consciousness; meditating, being present, listening, feeling the inner body, taking deep breaths and allowing the Force to flow thru and transform. A white magician is a channel thru which higher consciousness can enter this reality and reconnect it with the rest of Creation. A real jedi, committed to STO, feels the suffering of others, sees and identifies the roots of this suffering and works in harmony with others to plant new seeds of hope and transmutation.

War is not peace. Ultimately, those of us who are working to change this world, are doing so thru peaceful means. Forgiving, loving, healing, turning the other cheek, listening to the suffering of others. We are guided by compassion and our unconditional love and service to the One Infinite Creator. It is thru unity consciousness, remembering that We are One, that we can heal this world, evolve, enjoy more and in space return home to Source, who we truly are.

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