Open letter to Minister of Democratic Institutions


Thank you for your work to promote the integrity of our democratic institutions.

Canadians want ‘Free and fair elections’

Is the election free when you require a deposit, 1000$, to run for office? is this fair?

Putting a price on something no longer makes it free. Those with money can access it, become candidates,and those without cannot. Your salary may have blinded you to the fact that for many canadians, 1000 is not easy to come by. These are NOT free elections.

This is also not fair because those who require government support, poor people are denied access to the parliament meant to create government policy. Its also not fair because it violates the charter which clearly enshrines democratic rights including the right to be a candidate. These are NOT fair elections.

Running as a candidate is a fundamental democratic right

This is an inalienable right. No gvt can take that right away…yet that is precisely what your office is doing. I do not have 1000$. Many canadians have no-to-low income and are unable to pay 1000$. Nor should they. This right is not for sale. You do not have the legal authority to take this right away via a restrictive deposit.

Its clear to me this rule is meant to restrict access and to prevent poor people from running for office. Perhaps corporations and the wealthy are afraid that poor people will want to use the government to meet their needs…

This rule discriminates against those of lower income, who tend to be indigenous, tenants, people of color, women and persons with disabilities.

This deposit, and the Elections Canada Act that outlines it, is unlawful, unconstitutional and VOID.

Please take the necessary measures to change this act so that it respects the constitution and higher laws

eliminate the deposit so that all Canadians can freely become candidates. NO deposit, NO money, NO property  qualifications (which is what your deposit represents, money is a form of property)

I await your response

Espoir Manirambona
Ottawa, Canada
Sovereign Being

If you share similar concerns pls write to, minister of democratic institutions


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