The Illuminati: Fact or fiction?


Theres a great deal of talk in the main alternative media (rt, press tv, real news) about the deep state, something that conspiracy theory circles have been talking about for sometime. Truth seekers, those not afraid to investigate the validity of conspiracy theories, have been saying for a long time there is a secret conspiracy for global domination called the New World Order lead by a secret society named the Illuminati. Often, these truth seekers were ridiculed, people like David Icke and others. “OH thats just a conspiracy theory” and then its brushed aside and ignored. This has created a huge stigma around these words and discussing it in the mainstream. Now elements of these theories are streaming into the public domain; deep state actors are using mass surveillance and other techniques to try to control the the masses as well as the democratic state. Who controls the deep state? Do secret societies like the Illuminati exist? What is the extent of their power?

This is something ive been researching now for sometime. There is a great deal of information on the net/books/documentaries about this. Unfortunately, some of the information is misleading/false which doesnt help the situation. However, there is a number of what i deem credible sources that provide interesting insight on this phenomenon. First lets start with the basics. According to wikipedia, a conspiracy is an agreement by a group of people to commit a crime. I dont think i need to convince you that happens all the time unfortunately. People conspire to murder, steal, attack, harass, lie, you name it. The agreement needs to be covert of course because it is a crime; it needs to be kept on the DL. A good historical example is the assassination of JFK. Without getting into the details, a days research will provide some compelling evidence that this was indeed a conspiracy. Serious investigators, dedicating a considerable amount of time, have concluded that John F Kennedy was murdered by his enemies; mafia, oil execs, rival politicians, FBI, pentagon, etc. He made a lot of enemies. He came from an elite family and started off wanting to serve those interest but increasingly wanted to confront the deep state, even publicly talking about it. There was considerable motive/intent by deep state and non state actors to conspire to murder him. Lincoln, MLK, Berta Caceres, there are sadly too many examples of good people being murdered, thru secret conspiracies.

So some conspiracy theories are in fact TRUE, what i like to call conspiracy facts. My feel, and i trust my intuition to guide my research, is the ridicule of conspiracy theories is in fact a way for conspirators to try to prevent people from seriously investigating these theories. I feel there’s also a deep sense of denial among the masses. We know the world is fucked, but it seems a part of us wants to hold on to the mainstream zeitgeist that our leaders, business, political and others want the best for us. In ignorance, in the world of maya, the Earth human game we’ve been playing here, we have been greatly deceived, mislead, enslaved. Surveillance, policing, extreme inequality, corruption, fascism, white supremacy, colonialism, capitalism, prisons, regime change, imperialism, war, poverty, greed, murder, terrorism; i wish these were theories but they are indeed real. Think about it….in order to build such an oppressive and intolerable society, doesn’t make sense that those who benefit, a small group of people, would have to secretly conspire to commit these crimes?

Secret societies are a fact of life. Society is another word for organization. Some are public, some are private. Knight’s Templar, Freemasons, the Vril society, these were/are real secret organizations. They are of course partly secret; we know of their existence and many current and former members, whistleblowers, have come out publicly and reported on them.  They often do so because they get disenchanted and realize the group they’ve been serving has been doing evil behind their backs. These groups can also be described as cults. I myself have had experience with a semi-cult and I know what it feels like to be immersed in one and then realizing the group wasn’t as benign as one had been led to believe. In many ways, the deep state; spy agencies like CSIS and the CIA, the pentagon, are also somewhat secret societies. Many of their activities are not audible, secret, tied to so called black budget funds (money that doesnt appear on public official documents) Once again, common sense (which should guide any research in this field) would inform that if your going to do something against the public interest, your going to do it in secret. If you do it out in the open, “hey everyone, so like, were spying on all of you and were planning on killing so and so person because they are against the war were trying to wage”. people would be like “Fuck you NIGGA!” 🙂

So obviously plans to control the world, aka imperialism, have to be made in secret especially as more and more people are awake and wanting democracy, equality and global cooperation. What do I know to be true? Its self-evident that our capitalist system benefits a small group of  families at the expense of everyone else. These families, which include infamous ones like the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, use big corporations like banks and oil companies to monopolize resources, bribe politicians and media people, to then rig the system in their favor. These families, also known as the bloodlines of the illuminati (there are supposedly 13 main ones), often will work thru fronts. Just because John Doe ‘owns’ a company on paper, in reality they may just be a front for dark money; the real owners want to remain in the shadows. In order to sustain this unequal, fascist system, they need to use various means to force countries and groups into submission. Countries like Iran, Russia and China are encircled and threatened because they are relatively more independent then say Canada (a fact which as a Canadian im working to change). Iran for example has a central bank that is, according to sources, not directly controlled by international banksters like the Rothschilds and others. That might explain why Israel, controlled supposedly by Rothschilds, is adamant about fueling war against Iran. Imperialism/capitalism is a conspiracy fact. There is a plan to control the world, its resources and its people. There is a conspiracy to commit a crime. The level of extreme inequality is not a random occurrence! This has been a deliberate process planned by a few families (its a trans generational plan) often in secret. Of course!! 🙂

Dark forces operate in secret. They cannot operate in the light of consciousness because light is information and knowledge is power. The more their plans are exposed, the light shines and transforms, empowering people to Take the Power Back. Demons work in the shadows. Is their a group called the illuminati doing all this? Probably. From the research ive conducted, and let me tell u this is turning into a fulltime job :), there appears to b a number of groups with that name, with different agendas. Illuminati actually means “holders of light”. There’s a great deal of evidence to support the claim that an organization called the Bavarian Illuminati did indeed exist and was started by Johann Adam Weishaupt. This man was German and this organization was indeed secret. But like most things, its hard to keep things secret for long. There are theories this organization had benevolent intentions; wanting to promote science, critical thinking, challenging the dogma of the Church and monarchies. Feels true to me that perhaps this organization started off benevolent and then was infiltrated by the Powers that Were as i like to call them; the malevolent forces wanting to take over the earth in service to self. These forces are notorious for infiltrating organizations; freemasons, political parties, unions, religious institutions like the Vatican.

Shits real. These demons, and im using this term not to judge but to describe the current state of these lost souls, need to operate in the shadows and work thru different organizations, the more secret the better, to gradually influence human consciousness to accept Satanism, control, fascism, anti-life behaviors like greed, egoism and war. Once you understand this, then the earth human game becomes more clear. Its important to understand this level of the game, what I like to call deep politics, to be a real player in this world. We need to understand Lucifer‘s hierarchy of tyranny (I will be discussing Lucifer and the spiritual forces at play in my next piece) we see here to be able to overcome it. Ultimately, the light that shines transforms all; the more people are  aware of these unconscious forces, the more rapid changes we will see towards freedom and sovereignty. Exposed, these satanic forces will no longer be able to manipulate. Once you know that big banks and corporations are part of a larger plan to bring in a one world totalitarian gvt, you’ll be less likely to buy their products 🙂 Informed, people can choose to support alternative organizations; cooperatives, credit unions, democratic enterprises, community projects, progressive politicians, initiatives to build a more direct form of democracy, a more equal, democratic and sustainable society. Shining light on the Illuminati, we can reclaim our Prime given right and be the true holders of light and power that we are. Will the real Illuminati please stand up?



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