Africom Go Home

Rising from the ashes of the old, a new Africa is bornagain, conscious n powerful. Her children r awakening from Zimbabwe to Egypt. They dont give a fuck 🙂

I, a child of Burundi, a servant of Africa, hear my mothers call. She wants to b free. She is FREE. With her strength, we r sweeping the continent from all forms of colonialism. Africom…GO HOME!

U claim to protect n serve but just like the police, we no ur delusions. We no ur satanic motives to control our mother n take her resources. We no ur a vehicle being used by the Old Ones, the vampires, the powers that were, the reptilian crossbreeds, lizies in disguize, to try to stop the INEVITABLE shift which we r experiencing now.

I cud b pissed…I no tho, ur true selves. I no the spirit that emanates ur bodies deep inside. Satan was once an angel n is destined to return home. Come home!

Africom, I love u. Go back to America n serve the people there. Grow food, build homes, raise the vibe…dats what IS building a more peaceful reality.

Remember. Feel. Love is strong. Africom is being transformed. Africa is free. Africa is leading the way to a higher plane…a higher



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