Where you @?

Listening to MIssy, gettin free stress free being me fly homie g!

Im in the moment. Writing words that inspire. writing words dat heal

Brexit is a sign dat the old is dying, giving way to something new. Im for integration, the lesson of the eu is dat this process needs to b aimed for something higher. unity for capital, greed, control is in fact false integration, a process which leads to disunity n suffering as weve been witnessing

This is a lesson for all earth humans; integration yes! capitalism no! integration must b aimed at becoming more mindful, loving, peaceful, serving one another n the most high

Latin America is leading the way in this regard thx to great leaders like Chavez, Castro, Rousseff n others. ALBA is a great xample of integration aimed at fostering democracy, challenging imperialism n serving the globe. We  r building an African Union founded on democracy, equality, sustainability, ujamaa, ubuntu, spirituality.

Working thru anticapitalist united africa to democratize this world, abolish africom n the empire, liberating this world n focusing on our real task at hand -> integration with the rest of cosmic society 🙂

God is great


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