Democratize the Bank of Canada

Dear citizen,

I speak to you by your proper title so that you may remember your divine sovereignty. Prime Creator manifested you via thought to initiate Operation Dreamland. We are free to choose to build a more just and equal world. Some call this the Kingdom of God. Others refer to this vision as democratic socialism. Others yet call this freedom from tyranny. Regardless of the language, the words point towards a more enjoyable experience for all.

Part of building this New Age is to reclaim the Bank of Canada. This public body is mandated by the Department of Finance to use monetary policy to stabilize the financial system. In the post-war period, the Bank of Canada provided low cost money to the federal government. This enabled the treasury to invest in infrastructure and social programs. This essentially built the Canada we know and love today.

“You may wonder where the Canadian government got the money to initiate this unprecedented economic miracle. The answer is that the Bank of Canada printed it. The Bank bought government of Canada bonds and paid for them with newly minted cash. The government paid the Bank of Canada interest on the bonds which then, because the government owned 100% of the Bank shares, was returned as dividends, with only the cost of administration deducted. It was near zero cost money that produced such
wondrous results.” – the late Hon. Paul Hellyer, former minister of defence

The Source does not need money. The One has no use for money. We have the power to manifest anything we want. The goal of this 3d experience is to remember the spiritual and to seek liberation from materialism. The fallen angels tho use money to enslave. The Orion Group imported the Babylonian Money Magick Slave System from the Orion star system, nearly thousands of years ago. They use debt to enslave the masses. Indebted, the masses are easier to control. Jesuits are the controllers of the matrix. They work thru the Rothschilds to control the central banks via the Bank for International Settlements BIS. Based in Switzerland, Old money is able to control the financial system and debt dependent corporations.

Wealthy families like the Rothschilds (working for Jesuits), royal families of Europe, Rockefellers and their private banks like Chase Manhattan and Goldman Sachs, have considerable influence on who sits on the Board of Directors of central banks like the Bank of Canada. In turn, the Board chooses the governor. In Canada, finance capital based on Bay Street in Toronto has considerable influence over the federal gvt. In our present system, the so called Cabal or elite if u will, choose a governor that will maintain the status quo. These private interests were the ones who pressured the Government of Canada in the 70s to borrow from private banks at higher interest rates. Over a trillion dollars worth of interest has been robbed from Canadians. Trudeau Sr. and the corporate liberals and conservatives are responsible for this. Justin is continuing the family business; pretending to be progressive, while serving the banks and oil companies.

We need ensure the Bank of Canada’s Board of Directors is serving the many, not the few. The Government of Canada needs to appoint new Directors that will appoint a new more progressive Governor that will focus on inclusive, sustainable development; how to use government created money to invest in infrastructure, green energy and social housing.

During WWII and the post war period, the Bank of Canada provided interest free loans to the Government while maintaining inflation rates comparable to those of countries that rely on private credit. There was no drastic increase in inflation. If the demand for money goes up while the supply of money goes up, the value of money and prices remain more or less the same. Its basic economics. As long as the new government created money is invested in productive endeavours like housing, social services, health care, energy, etc, then the money is going to where it is needed and stimulating demand for goods. “More money chasing more goods” – Richard Wolff, professor of economics.

The Federal Reserve in the US, a tool of the financial elite, did quantitative easing for years recently to the tune of trillions of dollars. We have not seen hyperinflation. In fact, there were times when the fed was worried about deflation! Also, much of this money went to the stock market and did not trickle down to the masses. If it had, it would have strengthened the US economy even more.

Τα νεα απο τα ψαχνα: Το κίνημα «Δεν πληρώνω»

Lets use the Bank of Canada to meet peoples needs. The Government has a legal responsibility to serve the people and invest in a solidarity economy that works for the many, not the few. We can end our debt enslavement to banksters and instead use public credit to pay for public projects like transit and green energy.


Our Revolution starts with taking back our money in order to build a resource-based new society. Soon we will have the advanced technology like free energy and replicators that will make money obsolete. For now, free money can be used for Operation Dreamland (art, music, dance, etc). Using government created money, we can empower people to be self-sufficient; building homes, growing food and producing free energy. Take the Power Back!

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Im for Open Borders

I remember Hilary Clinton mentioning in one of her infamous emails that shes for open borders. Pundits went nuts. Right wing ppl started yelling shes for letting floods of “illegals” into the country. Left wing ppl were mad she was being her usual neoliberal self and calling for the unregulated flow of goods, services and capital at the expense of workers and unions. It became clear to me that open borders are dirty words for some.

Interesting how the idea of open borders seems to be more problematic for europeans then people of colour. Theres obviously a fear among many whites that areas that were thought of as “white” like the West are now becoming more “nonwhite”. For some Trump supporters, protecting borders is code for maintaining the whiteness of the US. Yes of course we need to have a safe and orderly process of migration. The free movement of peoples is as natural as being human.

T-shirt Refugees welcome - no one is illegal ★ Ni-Dios-Ni ...

We are all migrants. All our ancestors at one point or another made a choice to migrate elsewhere. We are all immigrants here in Canada, except indigenous peoples of course. First Nations are welcoming people; they just want their rights to be respected as well. They are not the ones enforcing borders. The Americas is an open stretch of land and rivers. The national borders are social constructs. Projections of AI. Therefore, its up to us to decide if we want to keep these walls or to promote the free movement of peoples.

There are NAFTA negotiations taking place. Im for free trade. Goods dont move  themselves tho. People move goods. Free trade must come with free mobility across borders. When people move around, they move goods and money. They create demand for local products and services. They help stimulate the economy. They provide needed labor. They contribute ideas. The free movement of peoples is good economcs. Its good for your wallet and its good for the planet 😉

So im for open borders. I recognize the right to mobility. Canada and the US share the longest border in the world. We use to be able to visit without a passport. Lets start with that; allowing people to cross the US-Canada border with just a gvt ID. Sooner rather then later, we need too allow free movement across the border. We can work together to help both our economies prosper. We can also work with Mexico to improve the situation there and in the rest of the Americas. With more peace and development, the whole continent can be a beautiful and enlightening place everyone loves to visit and enjoy. Lets tear down the walls. Open our hearts, our nations and live together as One.

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On Abolishing Nukes; No Shit Sherlock!

Nukes are dumb. Yes, some wise souls like Einstein felt the US needed nukes to deter against the nazis. The fascists are now in the US state. Thru operation paperclip and other means, fascists have infiltrated western governments. We now have fascists like Trump promoting the expansion and use of nukes. Dumb. Last year, the world made great progress and won a UN ban on nukes that was supported by the overwhelming majority of nations. This treaty needs to be ratified by the different members. This ban makes nukes illegal and therefore invalidates US policy for nukes. Canada needs to sign and ratify the treaty to ban nukes.

The United Nations Votes to Start Negotiations to Ban the ...

Higher forces will not allow a nuke strike. Earth humans need to wake up to the Truth that we are not alone in the cosmos and representatives of universe government are here monitoring the situation on our planet and intervening where necessary to prevent extreme abuses of power from those already being investigated and charged with crimes against humanity. The Galactic Federation GF heard the call that came from this planet during WWII. There was a call of sorrow, fear and hope. The call was answered by the GF as well as more negative ET factions. The GF sent representatives to communicate to earth leadership about the dangers of nuclear war and dealing with service to self oriented energies like the so called Orion Group (a group of negative ets from the orion star system).

The GF provided knowledge on the peaceful use of nuclear energy. There is no need for nukes. They are simply a draconian projection of fear. They are symptoms of the ignorance of the luciferian force. The Dark Side of the force, if u will. Ignorance and power forms a dangerous threat. Nukes cause more problems then they solves. The US bullies countries like North Korea for wanting nukes while being the only country to have actually used nukes TWICE!

Therefore the US has no legitimacy when it comes to nuclear nonproliferation. We simply need to exert diplomatic and economic pressure to compel the US and other nuke carrying nations to abolish these weapons sooner rather then later. The globe has spoken; we want a world with no nuclear weapons. Canada needs to sign the treaty. The Trudeau gvt is close to US war hawks and neocons. They get money from corporations and banks that profit from war and weapons manufacturing. Trudeau liberals made a promise to promote peace. They can help advance peace in the world thru embracing the UN ban on nukes and putting pressure on the US to follow suit.

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Iran-Saudi Arabia Grand Bargain for Middeast Integration

Diplomatic Row: Saudi Arabia Stops Flights, Trade Links ...

Iran and Saudi Arabia have been rivals in the Middle East for decades. Both countries were close when Iran was ruled by the Shah. The Iranian revolution of 79 started a longstanding feud between the two countries. Interestingly both nations have been proxies for the West in the past. Both regimes were supported by western deep state to counter Communist influence. Now SA is much closer to the West and Iran is strengthening ties with Russia and China. There are religious differences, sunni and shia, which also complicate the relationship. The two nations will need to find some sort of grand bargain to settle their beef to accelerate plans for a United Mideast for peace and sustainable development.

SA is dominated by the Saudi Royal family. The country is far less democratic then Iran. The latter is ruled by an Islamic Hierarchy that does limit access to the ballot. They make it harder for the Iranian left to gain power. The Islamic government of Iran however does have much public support and has an economic nationalist lean that promotes a more equal distribution of resources then in SA. Iran has been anti-imperialist now for many decades. They strongly support Palestine. SA, especially under Mohammad bin Salman MBS, is  allied with Israel and the Trump regime.  The republicans support war with Iran. SA and Israel want war with Iran. The SA, US and Israel are backed by Jesuits intent on fomenting a war between sa and Iran to divide the Mideast. They want to divide and rule this region to implement their plans for global domination. They basically want to take back the middeast lost to muslims during the religious crusades.

Pope Benedict XVI, right, meets with Saudi Arabia's King ...

Luckily, I feel theres rising awareness in both countries that cooperation on some fronts can be helpful. Recently, the two mideast powers were united in condemning Trumps decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem. SA needs to appear to be guardians of muslims everywhere. The Truth is SA has been supporting Wahhabi inspired terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and Daesh. The royal family is very much into shady business not worth mentioning here. Sources say the saudis are part of this so called Cabal. The top of the pyramid of evil on this planet is comprised of luciferians, according to sources like David Icke. They are as muslim as Bush is christian…They are more service to self. Iran, in my view, is more service to others. Khomeini might be wealthy, but he aint spending half a billion on a boat like the saudi prince mbs.

Новая тройка. Россия, Иран и Турция делают крупный шаг к ...

The Iranian regime aint perfect either. They have done some awful things in the past. They betrayed the communists who had helped them overthrow the shah. The Iran regime tho has been playing a constructive role leading the Resistance for peace in the MIdeast which includes Hezbolah, the Syrian army and the Iraqi army. Iran has improved relations with Turkey. Erdogan is embracing multipolarity. Now, thanks to the Iraq war/so called isis blunder, the Iran regime has actually developed considerable soft and hard power across the region. They are also very much part of the Eastern Alliance with Russia and China. Together, they are pushing for Eurasian Integration to challenge the petrodollar. This is why Iran is the target of the West.

Some progress had been made recently. The Obama-Iran nuclear deal i feel was a step in the right direction in terms of using diplomacy to resolve disputes. Clinton and other neocons wanted a hawkish policy towards Iran. Thankfully, Light forces manifest a deal which brought Iran and the West a lil bit closer. Trump doesnt like the deal. Europe is for it, signalling a pivot East. In order to overcome the challenges between SA and Iran, we need to bring the big powers together as well to help mediate the situation. Russia has been playing that role a bit. Working with Iran in syria as well as meeting with the saudis on the side to talk oil prices. Thus, Putin can play the broker role the US was playing circa 90s/2000s.

If ANYONE can handle Mohammad Bin Salman, that person is ...

Iran and SA will need to work together for sustainable development. Humans are learning that cooperation bears better fruits then war and ignorance. We need to work together. MBS is young and ambitious, Rouhani, the president in Iran, seems to be open to dialogue. Both sides can come together to discuss how to help grow their economies together. Both leaders have been bold promises to their constituents. Both populations have a right to a positive experience per natural law. How to cooperate in the oil sector. How to work together to unify the world of Islam. How to support the Palestinians and provide a check on the Zionist entity. A grand bargain between Iran and SA would help stabilise the region and advance the cause of regional, Middle Eastern integration. This Arab-Persian union can help to foster Eurasian integration. Peace in the mideast leads to peace in the world…

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