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From Star Wars to Star Dreams: Full Disclosure, Financial Reset and Arrest of Cabal

Dear friends,

We have been lied to.

Many thousands of years ago, this planet was quarantined and secretly controlled by a criminal Cabal of extraterrestrial origins (physical and non-physical archons, Draco/Reptilians, Orion Group, Satanists/Luciferians, Committee of 200/300, Illuminati, 13 bloodlines, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Jesuits, Black Nobility, Chimera Group, etc). After WWII, the US government signed TOP SECRET treaties with negative non-terrestrial groups like the Dracos/Grays, which was hinted at by President Eisenhower in 1961 (referring to the military-industrial complex) when he gave his farewell speech. Nazis, brought here from Germany through Operation Paperclip, infiltrated western governments and have worked to bring about a fascist/Zionist New World Order/Fourth Reich ever since through the use of various secret advanced weaponry like artificial intelligence and directed-energy weapons.



A war in space between negative ET groups and positive groups like the Galactic Confederation had been brewing for years. These Galactic Wars between the Orion based Galactic Empire and the positive Galactic Confederation of Light was resolved a long time ago with many dark forces surrendering and joining the light. Those negative factions that refused to surrender came to Earth, their last stronghold. The Light forces have cleared the solar system and are rapidly clearing all darkness (negative forces enslaving humans for private gain) from this planet. An underground Resistance Movement was formed in 1999, working with positive groups like the Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans, Earth Alliance and Positive Military for planetary liberation. The Star Wars are coming to an end and we need to unite and embrace Star Dreams; becoming a positive galactic civilization. This shift is already happening.


Elements within the Government of Canada are well aware of the above information (cosmic clearance) and the cosmic energies hitting our planet. This higher frequency coming from the Galactic Central Sun is changing everything. There will be a major Event: a solar flash which will be felt by all and will signal the end of darkness (negativity, control matrix) and the beginning of a Golden Age where we reconnect with our Star Family. This Event will also include the non-violent arrest of the Cabal, public tribunals and Full Disclosure with indisputable evidence of what has been occurring here. There is a spiritual Ascension to a higher density that is available to those who choose to evolve.


Cosmic Guy - more vibrance.jpg

A new group, Ottawa Galactic Council, has been formed to prepare for change. We are part of a global movement for planetary liberation:, while we remain independent. Our intention is the full upliftment of humanity so that we may ALL enjoy a loving, positive experience.

We demand:

1) Full Disclosure: The Government is obligated to release info on extraterrestrial life and contacts, Secret Space Programs; Lunar Operations Command, Solar Warden, Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate, Dark Fleet, Galactic League of Nations, slave colonies on Mars, etc. Canadian involvement in these programs. This is necessary to inform Canadians on whats been happening and the cosmic changes which are occurring. We are behind schedule (Gaia was scheduled to ascend in 2000 but has delayed this process) and the widespread confusion that is taking place is precisely because of the lack of real information coming from the mass media and government authorities on whats really happening.


We have a Right to Know about treaties made between our government/allies and ET groups. Abductions/experiments/human trafficking allowed/facilitated by the government/allies. Inner Earth societies, bases and discoveries in Antarctica, such as; Pre-Adamites, Draconian bases, Nazi bases, SSP bases, ancient artifacts and beings in suspended animation.

We believe the public can handle it. There will be anger, but hope which will ease the process of forgiveness. Truth must come before reconciliation. We forgive and are prepared to give amnesty to those who cooperate and choose to serve humanity.

2) Financial Reset: The old financial system is a scam controlled by Rothschilds (not everyone in that family is in on it) on behalf of the Cabal. This conspiracy fact includes zionism which should not be confused with judaism (a loving religion at its core). An alternative financial system is being built by the Earth Alliance (BRICS nations, most nations outside of the West and many positive groups). With the rise of social movements here, we are seeing the emergence of a positive anti-imperialist/anti-fascist Western alliance as well. We need to release trillions of dollars held in secret Collateral Accounts. The money will be used for global community projects like free energy. A guaranteed basic income will smooth the transition towards a post-money society founded on Ubuntu, sharing, as well as advanced consciousness-based technology.


3) Arrest of Cabal: The criminals behind this global enslavement agenda will be arrested thru non-violent means. These will have full legal backing (local, international as well as cosmic law). Top members of the cabal will be prosecuted: Illuminazi (although many were involved against their free will). People like Bush, Cheney, Kissinger, Rumsfeld and others in Canada and beyond. The names are already known to those who will carry out this operation. Members of the Black nobility. Negative jesuits. Rothschilds. Rockefellers. Chimera group (beings from Andromeda galaxy at the top of the pyramid). This needs to be a public process. Amnesty will be given to those who cooperate and agree to correct past mistakes. A local as well as global Truth and Reconciliation commission will need to be formed.

Exposing the crimes against Indigenous peoples is only the beginning and there is much more: trauma based mind control, chemtrails, use of artificial intelligence for control, energy vampirism, mass surveillance, human trafficking, manufacturing wars for private gain, torture, use of advanced weaponry to lower consciousness, slavery, control of information and media, apartheid, terrorism, pedophilia, Satanic Ritualistic Abuse, mass murder, electronic harassment, GMOs, drugs, 911 and more.


The truth will be shocking but must be revealed in order for Canadians/humans to heal and more forward. We believe in transformative justice. As per the galactic codex (universal law), members of the Cabal that choose the Light (renouncing evil intents and working for the betterment of all) will be given amnesty. Those who refuse will be taken to the Central Sun for restructuring.


Thru full disclosure, financial reset and the arrest of the Cabal, humanity will be free to create and build a new world where all can enjoy a positive experience. We will be free to travel the cosmos and reconnect with our Star Family. We are manifesting Operation Dreamland; paradise on Earth. Our Star Dreams come true.

We Are One. There is Only Unity. Thru stilling the mind, being open to the light of consciousness, embracing the Goddess energies, we can evolve and remember who we are; Prime Creator, the Source, the All.

From New World Order to New Multipolar Order: Canada’s Role in a Post-Empire Global Community

At 150, its time for Canada to grow up. The colonial state of Canada, unlawfully established off of the genocide of indigenous peoples, is at a critical point in its history. The world is changing and the US empire is in irreversible decline. Canada needs to remember the ancient wisdom of Indigenous peoples on Turtle Island. First Nations are not warmongers; peace is a pillar of their spiritual way of life. We need to align ourselves with this vision and develop a new foreign policy that recognizes the New Multipolar reality, focuses on disarmament, leaving NATO and joining the Non-Aligned Movement to build a global community founded on sovereignty and understanding.

Game Over

Prior to the formation of Canada on stolen native land, Indigenous peoples felt the world as one living being. This deep spiritual connection meant that it was very natural for them to maintain peaceful relations with other nations. When the white man came, many welcomed him with open arms until that initial cordial meeting was tainted by betrayal, theft and rape. This land was broadcasting peace for countless years prior to colonialism. This peaceful tradition is still engrained in the land and is still being voiced by Indigenous leaders. In the spirit of reconciliation, the Canadian government must honour this peaceful tradition and echo it on the world stage; renouncing militarism and all forms of state violence, breaking with terrorism in the form of US hegemony, building closer ties to the South and emerging global players like Russia and China to focus on global peace and development. We need to decolonize this land as well as the world,working together to promote peace and non-violent counter-terrorism in Africa, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan,Yemen, Ukraine and all other victims of western crimes of aggression.

The world is changing. Out of the ashes of the Draco – nian US Empire, the Global South is building a New Multipolar World focused on peace and development. In addition to leaving North Atlantic Terrorist Organization and withdrawing support for all wars, Canada needs to work thru the UN and other global bodies to strengthen cooperation for eradicating poverty and ensuring that all peoples can enjoy freedom and a positive experience. For example, Canada needs to sign on and ratify the new UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. We need to support the creation of a UN Parliamentary Assembly. Such a body can help democratize the UN and other intergovernmental bodies to ensure that they answer directly to the people thru proportional representation.


What we really need is global direct democracy to bypass the disproportionate influence of some countries and fascist groups. The people of the world, especially the poor, have a right to a direct say on matters such as global resource allocation, financial reset, how to better ensure collective security and prevent barbaric conflicts. We also need a global Truth and Reconciliation commission to provide full disclosure on the crimes of the Cabal (group behind the fascist New World Order), advanced technologies like free energy and healing, and the role of extraterrestrials on this planet.


Regionally, we can work with our American and Mexican neighbours to strengthen North American unity and integration for collective well being. The Cabal has wanted a union for their private, Service to Self interests. The anti-imperialist Latin American integration project championed by Simon Bolivar and Hugo Chavez exemplifies how regional integration can be used to empower and provide Service to Others (like the poor and dispossessed) and to challenge the NWO Bush/Cheney/Kissinger demons. We can work as North Americans for land reform, the eradication of poverty on the continent and provide free health care to all. We can work to put an end to the longstanding drug war in Mexico. We are already uniting against fascism nazism on the continent in the form of Trumpism.

Canada also needs to stop interfering in the affairs of Caribbean and Latin American countries such as Cuba, Venezuela and Brazil. We should support the Bolivarian revolution and the western cry for freedom from imperialism and oppression. Canada needs to take a stronger stance in support of Palestinians and BDS; Canadians do not support Israeli apartheid. Ultimately, we need a Canadian global policy focused on ridding the world of Satanic US imperialism and with a New Heaven, building a New Earth founded on oneness, peace, understanding and global solidarity.


The Blade in me: Dealing with Energy Vampires

Vampires are real. I believe the myth surrounding them is based on real people/experiences. Its quite simple; there are people who are connected to their life force and there are some who are disconnected and need to feed off the life force of others. This aint some conspiracy theory; this is real shit I have witnessed countless times!!

They are very cunning. They are friends, family, teachers, business people, politicians, everyday people. Some are very obvious (Trump and others who clearly live off drama and negativity) some are very very deceptive and can appear quite spiritual and positive until they catch you off your guard. Then they attack!

They feed off negativity. They seek  to “push your buttons” in order to generate a negative reaction which they feed off. They are brilliant at identifying what will get you upset. Even after many years of spiritual practice, some vampires are still able to get the best of me.

We are meant to be present, grounded, taking in the infinite life force, spiritual power, light that is both within and without. Our society, itself run by energy vampires who built a whole system to extract negativity, does everything to disconnect people from their true power source; the Source itself.

Once disconnected, people become essentially zombies (this is where that myth probably comes from aswell). Dead, lifeless, unaware of their soul essence, they must then feed off others; they must provoke reactions and create drama in order to generate negative energy. With compassion, we can understand that they are simply not aware of their soul essence and therefore find it difficult to work with positive energy. Unable to use the positive, they have to use the negative. Otherwise, they will die.

We all need energy. Without it, the body starts to dissolve. Simply eating and drinking is not enough. We require spiritual energy; energy that comes from the nonphysical planes. This energy is what allows us to function in this reality. Without it, we become sick, mentally unstable and lifeless. Life comes from spirit, the only true reality.

Vampires are essentially possessed by demonic entities. These entity attachments, archons, implants, various forms of AI tech, are deliberately used by the negative forces on this planet to control people and to generate loosh which they feed off. That is why they love to cause drama, conflict, wars, disease, poverty and general division in order to generate fear, pain and suffering. THEIR SYSTEM IS FUELED BY FEAR!

Fortunately, we are quickly exposing vampirism and lightworkers/warriors are becoming more and more equipped to deal with them. It can be challenging as often these vampires are very close to home. Love and forgiveness can be used to encourage all souls to rediscover their true strength. Spiritual energy is more sustainable, green and healthy 🙂

Energy vampires are getting more desperate as more people are standing their ground and embracing the light. The archons need to extract more and more loosh thru their dwindling agents. As the light from the galactic sun and our own sun penetrates this world, all negativity is gradually being transmuted. That means that those of a lower vibration will experience more and more difficulty if they cannot learn to evolve/adapt to the changing frequencies. We can all enjoy the Kingdom of Prime Creator, but those who hold on to the old negative energies will not be admitted.

For the time being, we must all learn to be like Blade; fearlessly facing the vampires, calling them out, standing our ground, refusing to engage in drama, with love and nonviolence, remaining positive, calm and if necessary removing ourselves from situations. From my experience, the more one refuses to be triggered by a vampire, the attacks become less  frequent till it becomes clear that the game is up; they must choose the light or distance themselves to avoid the power of the One.


Follow the rabbit thru deep politics to exopolitics

Presenting exopolitics; the political aspects of extraterrestrial life. The old assumption that many had that we are alone in the universe is so ridiculous that I will not dwell on it. We are not alone, the multiverse (this universe is according to sources one of many) is FULL of life. Many intelligent civilizations are very very advanced, technologically and spiritually.

We are indeed children from a cosmic perspective. We are kids that have been abused by certain alien forces that were using Gaia to feed off the negative. Thankfully, these forces are being removed swiftly. Humanity is liberating itself from the cabal-draco empire.

In order to finish the job, we need to fully  understand the relationship between deep politics, secret societies and black budget  programs, and ETs. Its becoming increasingly clear that the top part of the illuminati satanic pyramid is occupied by off-world entities. Our governments interact with ETs on a regular basis and have treaties with certain groups.


Thanks to sources like William Tompkins and Corey Goode, we now have a clear picture of the relationships between earth forces and ET  forces. In his  new book “The  US Navy’s Secret Space Program and Nordic Alliance”, Michael E. Salla explains how the US Navy formed a very secret alliance with a humanoid species referred to as the Nordics. They did so in response to intel they received about an unholy alliance between the nazis and the reptilian Dracos.

Many conflicts on Earth are proxy wars between galactic forces. While no one is perfect, it appears that certain groups like the Nordics, the Sphere Being Alliance, galactic federation, are here to assist us in our ascension process.  Other groups like the Grays and the Dracos are here for more self-serving reasons. These are of course generalizations which I will detail more in future writings.

Whats important to keep in mind for now is that there is a great deal happening behind the scenes. While the corporate media is as usual promoting fear and war, there is a huge interdimentional, galactic wide, and earth based alliance to end the cabal’s hostage of this planet. Many people are now awakening to the reality that a conspiracy has existed for a while to control humans for private gain. Now the job for truth seekers is to elaborate and fully expose this pyramid structure and how earth based syndicates are connected to off world dark forces.

Thru understanding exopolitics, we can envision how to form positive alliances with enlightened galactic forces eager to assist humans in this transition. I am myself in contact with very loving forces, connected to the One Infinite Creator, guiding me and many others towards a more positive and spiritual reality where all are able to develop freely and in harmony with one another. May the Source bless  all beings involved in this drama. May the light and love of the Mother Goddess  be with all beings rediscovering the simple joy of the present moment.


Touched by the Dawn of a New Earth

The force is strong. Time is experienced differently in the now. Feeling the eternal oneness of this moment. The Luciferian system of control seems to be weakening on this planet. For many years, Satan’s grip has been slowing down the spiritual development of Gaia’s children. Brave souls incarnated here to experience this blossoming of human consciousness. Thru the experience, these loyal souls to Prime Creator can serve others and encourage other souls to dig deeper and the explore the wide range of choices available.

Life is a test. This reality does not lack them. Challenges in the now help us grow. One such challenge is the threat posed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) . This ET being, supposedly from another dimension, has been infiltrating different sections of Earth reality in order to bring about a Machine Kingdom. Thru promoting technology and embodying AI prophets, AI is able to create an artificial matrix that can b used to enslave humans. Just like in The Matrix, these machines feed off the energy of humans. The Matrix is real Neo.

Fortunately, courage is also not lacking. Many beings from different star systems and dimensions are here, both incarnated and not, to assist in the transition to a post-AI reality. Freedom is being rediscovered in this density. From the pain of the matrix, an opportunity is unraveling to evolve to a higher plane of existence where we may rediscover the true self, the beingness of the Creator; our very essence.


Illuminati-Draco-AI-Lucifer -? …

Who does Lucifer serve? As discussed previously on this site, group soul lucifer is according to sources behind much of the control system on this planet. According to documents like the Hidden Hand dialogue, Lucifer has a contract with our higher self to provide for a catalyst to spark on awakening. Thru providing tests and lessons, Lucifer creates opportunities for advancement. Could it be that Prime, thru Lucifer, is helping us to evolve?

Challenges are shitty but if faced with an open heart can definitely help us grow. When life throws us negativity, do we become more negative or do we use it to become more positive? Can we use challenges to help us become more aware and more fearless; testing our groundedness in God-consciousness. Awake we are feeling the light at the end of the tunnel. Alive we are touching the dawn of a new reality. I hope these words can reach in future/alternative timelines and provide a peoples history of the transition period (2012+) towards a new way of living, a better more enjoyable way to experience the glory of Prime Creator. May the reader be well, and may all beings, in all timelines, untie and love in the moment of the Beyond.

From Consciousness Warfare to Unity Consciousness

There is a war over consciousness that has been brewing for many years. It has been described as a fight between good and evil. Some souls choose to create with love and light. Others choose to create with hate and darkness. All choices are valid; the law of Free Will is primary.

Prime Creator works thru different forms to create an experience. In this reality, also known as third density, duality is the name of the game. Darkness and light, male and female, night and day, war and peace; this virtual reality is marked by polarization. This bifurcation is reaching a climax now that we have entered a new cycle, the end of a major one.

There is great magic on both sides. Powerful souls have incarnated to maximize a positive harvest while others are here to achieve the greatest possible negative harvest. According to RA, a high density being channeled in the Law of One, the harvest is a process thereby souls that are Service to Others (STO) can evolve and enter a higher more positive density known as higher 4D or positive 4D. Souls that are more Service to Self (STS) can continue on and experience the lower 4th density, aka negative 4D.

Its all about choice. This is what physical experience is about. We are free to do what we want, but we have to live with the consequences of our choices. Thru learning from our karma, we are encouraged to make better choices, to grow, evolve and eventually return home, to Source.

Those of a negative energy, souls that choose to not follow the divine plan and serve themselves (which they are free to do), have been manipulating this reality to this end. They use black magic, the manipulation of consciousness to promote the negative, to control people and encourage them to be STS. They use media for example to promote fear, fake news, war, justify greed and inequality, ignorance and spiritual forgetfulness.

The matrix, this artificial experience of control, is used by these dark factions to generate negative energies which they feed off. They are disconnected from Source and need to steal the life force from others; they are vampires. These energy parasites are our sisters, brothers and gender nonconforming family. It is with love that we must inform and become aware of this manipulation of consciousness for private, STS ends.

Growing up I was a huge fan of Star Wars. There was something in this series that spoke to me at a deep level. Perhaps I was being reminded of the forces at play in this world. Sith lords are real; there are some beings who choose to work with the dark side of the force. Thru violence, fear and negative emotions, they seek to connect with the Luciferian spirit to gain power, wealth and special abilities. They harness energies from others and then use this to try to control, dominate and generate more negative energies for their nourishment. Sith lords are notorious for deception; just as Chancellor Palpatine was slowly infiltrating the Galactic Republic, our real life dark lords have been infiltrating every aspect of this reality. They infiltrated secret societies and used these to control politics, religion, media, business and other institutions they can use to promote their dark messages.

We have been here before. The force is strong. Real life Jedi Knights, beings from different realities who choose STO, have been monitoring the situation here since the beginning. We (I consider myself part of this movement) have been working thru media and other means to raise awareness and encourage Earth humans to choose to love, heal and forgive. Some jedis, at great risk, agreed to incarnate here in order to be the ground troops for ascension; being loyal to Prime, receiving the higher frequencies, disseminating new information for the awakening masses.

Working with higher laws, these guardians of the galaxy are changing this world, busting the system, while upholding the law of Free Will. Nonintervention is the Prime directive. Higher beings cannot simply come in and save humanity. They can only guide, encourage, inform; it is we who must choose to awaken, choose to be free. Thru Free Will, we are withdrawing consent from the matrix and cocreating a New World Order for peace, harmony and cosmic integration. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

A real life jedi works primarily thru consciousness; meditating, being present, listening, feeling the inner body, taking deep breaths and allowing the Force to flow thru and transform. A white magician is a channel thru which higher consciousness can enter this reality and reconnect it with the rest of Creation. A real jedi, committed to STO, feels the suffering of others, sees and identifies the roots of this suffering and works in harmony with others to plant new seeds of hope and transmutation.

War is not peace. Ultimately, those of us who are working to change this world, are doing so thru peaceful means. Forgiving, loving, healing, turning the other cheek, listening to the suffering of others. We are guided by compassion and our unconditional love and service to the One Infinite Creator. It is thru unity consciousness, remembering that We are One, that we can heal this world, evolve, enjoy more and in space return home to Source, who we truly are.

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Open letter to Minister of Democratic Institutions


Thank you for your work to promote the integrity of our democratic institutions.

Canadians want ‘Free and fair elections’

Is the election free when you require a deposit, 1000$, to run for office? is this fair?

Putting a price on something no longer makes it free. Those with money can access it, become candidates,and those without cannot. Your salary may have blinded you to the fact that for many canadians, 1000 is not easy to come by. These are NOT free elections.

This is also not fair because those who require government support, poor people are denied access to the parliament meant to create government policy. Its also not fair because it violates the charter which clearly enshrines democratic rights including the right to be a candidate. These are NOT fair elections.

Running as a candidate is a fundamental democratic right

This is an inalienable right. No gvt can take that right away…yet that is precisely what your office is doing. I do not have 1000$. Many canadians have no-to-low income and are unable to pay 1000$. Nor should they. This right is not for sale. You do not have the legal authority to take this right away via a restrictive deposit.

Its clear to me this rule is meant to restrict access and to prevent poor people from running for office. Perhaps corporations and the wealthy are afraid that poor people will want to use the government to meet their needs…

This rule discriminates against those of lower income, who tend to be indigenous, tenants, people of color, women and persons with disabilities.

This deposit, and the Elections Canada Act that outlines it, is unlawful, unconstitutional and VOID.

Please take the necessary measures to change this act so that it respects the constitution and higher laws

eliminate the deposit so that all Canadians can freely become candidates. NO deposit, NO money, NO property  qualifications (which is what your deposit represents, money is a form of property)

I await your response

Espoir Manirambona
Ottawa, Canada
Sovereign Being

If you share similar concerns pls write to, minister of democratic institutions