Finally completed by first book on spirituality, ETs, deep politics, political economy and more! The story of how we r breaking FREE from the Matrix of control. Enjoy and read with an  open mind! 🙂

with love,


Shift or be Shifted

Play or be played…these are the songs an OG of courage enjoys. Gaia is ascending. Evolving to new planes. How much longer will the veil hold?

Her children awake to the dreams of the stars that showered eternally here. And now is the time to be happy as two become one

From void to bliss the child of light Enjoys. Wisdom remains thy sisters keeper. Songs for shelter all can dance from.

Dreamz so clear and real is she awake to the tune moon? How much longer will she toil for those of digits and lies?

Only consciousness will tell how true is her new you. Beautiful we are together again…singing this song of freedom….